Earn college credit & enter the new world of virtual study abroad with AIFS.

Take the first step in your international experience - without leaving your home.

AIFS Online Summer Programs are 3- to 6-week online voyages where you join a virtual community of AIFS students, taking engaging courses taught by international faculty as you earn college credit. Our robust offering of virtual events allows you to embrace the local culture and gain a global perspective, while career-focused workshops will help prepare you for life after graduation.

You will also earn a $500 scholarship towards a future AIFS Study Abroad program for when it is time to take the next step…

It’s true, you won’t find a substitute for studying abroad. But during a summer when traveling is not an option, you do have an opportunity to set yourself apart and expand your global education.

AIFS Online Summer Programs include:

  • Choice of 13 programs in 9 countries
  • Take courses in a variety of subjects and disciplines from all 13 programs
  • Up to 8 credits from AIFS partner institutions abroad
  • A $500 scholarship/grant towards a traditional 2021 AIFS Study Abroad program
  • Access AIFS’ Virtual Library of culture-themed videos including city spotlights, cooking lessons and career-focused workshops
  • Virtual hangouts with the online community of AIFS students

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Courses at a Glance

You may choose courses from a variety of subjects and disciplines below and from all 13 Online Study Programs.

# Course Location
ACC 4205 Managerial Accounting London
ACC 6205 Financial Reporting London
AVC 5855 Museums and Galleries of Florence: The Cultures of Display Florence
AER 324 Edges of Photography Prague
AH 2027 Aspects of Greek Art in Athens Athens
Applied Thinking 59078 Pensar en Imágenes: la Creación de Ensayos Audiovisuales para Transmitir Ideas y Emociones (in Spanish) Barcelona
ART 2100 Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice San Jose
ART 313 The Story of Prague: Ten Centuries of Architectural Heritage Prague
ART 314 Gender and Culture Prague
AVC 6200 Working in the Art World London
Biology 59027 Time: Perceptions and Illusions of the Progress of Existence Barcelona
CH 2031 Conversation Granada
CH 2601 Spanish Language Granada
CH 2611 Spanish Language Granada
CH 3021 European Studies: Culture, History and Integration Granada
CH 3121 The Spanish Language in Mass Media Granada
CH 3131 Panorama of Spanish Literature Granada
CH 3151 Spanish for Health Purposes Granada, Madrid
CH 3161 Art in Spain Granada, Madrid
CH 3601 Spanish Language Granada
CH 3641 Spanish Culture Madrid
CH 3651 Conversation Granada, Madrid
CH 3681 Contemporary Spanish Novel Madrid
CH 4601 Advanced Spanish Language Granada, Madrid
CH 4621 Proficient Spanish Language Granada
CH 4631 Women in the Spanish Literature of Golden Age Granada, Madrid
CH 4641 Spanish Culture Granada
CH 4521 Spanish for Business Madrid
CL1004 Myth in the Ancient Greek and Roman World Athens
COM 4800 Fashion and Media From Past to Present Florence
COM 5200 Mass Communication and Society London
COM 6400 Fashion and Media London
COMM 3070 Creative Conflict Resolution San Jose
COMM 3200 Intercultural Competence and Communication San Jose
COMP 120 Computer Applications for Business Paris
CUL 329 Culture and Civilization in Latin America/Cultura y civilización en Latinoamérica (taught in Spanish) Buenos Aires
CZE 101 Czech Language for Everyday Use I Prague
DE 4554 International Management Granada
ECON 311 Economic Decline of European Empires Prague
EHO 102 Spanish Language Granada
EHO 161 Culture: Spain & Spaniards Granada
EHO 171 Spanish for Tourism Granada
EHO 241 Discover Spain Granada
EHO 321 Spanish for Business Granada
EHO 341 Diverse Spain Granada
ENGL 101 Academic Methodology Paris
ENV 3005 Environmental Impact and Social Development San Jose
ENV 3020 Marine Molecular Biology San Jose
ENV 3044 Tropical Ecology San Jose
ENV 3100 Tropical Birds San Jose
ENV 3120 Land Vertebrates of Costa Rica San Jose
ENV 3135 Endangered Species London
ENV 3150 Tropical Botany San Jose
ENV 3160 Conservation Biology Endangered Species San Jose
ENV 3170 Freshwater Ecology San Jose
ENV 3190 Tropical Marine Biology San Jose
ENV 3740 Climate Change and Adaption San Jose
ENV 4040 Sustainable Development and the Environment San Jose
ENV 4100 Biotechnology for Sustainability San Jose
FILM 302 Red Planets: Science Fiction in Central and Eastern European Cinema and Literature Prague
FINC 435 Sustainable Finance Paris
FLM 6230 International Cinema London
FNN 5200B Corporate Finance London
FNN 6420 International Financial History London
FREN 101 Elementary French I Grenoble
FREN 102 Elementary French II Grenoble
FREN 201 Intermediate French Grenoble
FREN 270 Summer Extension: Culture and Careers Paris
FREN 301 Advanced French Grenoble
FREN 401 Superior French Grenoble
GEB 3350 Introduction to International Business San Jose
GER 330 German in the City Berlin
German 101 Elementary German Berlin
German 102 Advanced Elementary German Berlin
German 201 Lower Intermediate German Berlin
German 203 Upper Intermediate German Berlin
German 301 Advanced German Berlin
German Literature 321 Stadt und Land: Literaten in und um Berlin/City and Country: Literature in and around Berlin Berlin
GR1000 Modern Greek Athens
Health Science 59067 Health Inequalities: Understanding our Worse Epidemic Barcelona
HHD 1050 Holistic Health Approaches San Jose
HIS 2302 Contemporary Latin American History San Jose
HIST 302 Jewish History in Central and Eastern Europe Prague
HST 5805 Rome through the Ages  Rome
HST 5825 Italian Food and Culture Florence
HIST/POL/ART 303 Czech Culture and Civilization: A Field Trip into the Czech Psyche Prague
HST 6205 Pictures of Power London
HUM 3513 Costa Rica Colloquium: History and Culture San Jose
INB 6210 European Business Environment London
INR 5210 Development and Geopolitics in East Asia London
INR 6200 IR Theory London
INR 6210 The Politics of International Law London
INR 6420 Global Energy Politics London
INT 121/Spanish 121 Español Básico / Beginners’ Spanish Buenos Aires
INT 151/Spanish 251 Español Intermedio 1 / Intermediate Spanish 1 Buenos Aires
INT 181/Spanish 281 Español Intermedio 2 / Intermediate Spanish 2 Buenos Aires
INT 221/Spanish 321 Español Avanzado / Advanced Spanish Buenos Aires
ITL 3831 Elementary Italian I Florence, Rome
Language/Cultural Studies/Theater Studies 322 What do Germans Laugh About? A Cultural and Performative History of German Humor from 1945 until today Berlin
LAW 315 Introduction to International Economic Law Berlin
Law/History 59036 Law and Memory: Legal History of the 20th Century Barcelona
Law/Politics 59080 Derechos Humanos en el Siglo XXI (in Spanish) Barcelona
LIT 325 Argentinian Literature/ Literatura argentina (taught in Spanish) Buenos Aires
LM 107 Intercultural Communication Granada
LZP 2XXX Modern Greek Language, Culture and Literature Athens
MGMT 215 Organizational Behavior Paris
MGMT 3030 Creative Leadership Skills San Jose
MGMT 310 Project Management Paris
MGMT 401 Doing Business in Europe and Russia Paris
MGMT 403 Sustainable Business Paris
MGT 5400 Organizational Behavior London
MKT 5205 Consumer Behavior London
MKT 6220 Digital Marketing & Social Media London
MKTG 240 Consumer Behavior Paris
MKTG 3150 Sustainable Consumption and Production San Jose
MKTG 400 Creating and Developing Luxury Brands Paris
MTH 5120 Probability and Statistics II London
MTH 6110 Advanced Differential Calculus London
PHOT 2100 Ecological Photography San Jose
PHOT 2130 Cultural Photography San Jose
POL / LIT 317 From Thoreau to Havel: Chapters in Czech and American Struggle for Social Justice Prague
POL 2500 Human Rights in Latin America San Jose
POL 3200 Migration, Globalization and Social Change San Jose
POL 3420 Costa Rica Environmental Policy San Jose
POL 3450 International Relations in Latin America San Jose
Politics 59047 Justicia Social y Desarrollo Sostenible (in Spanish) Barcelona
Politics 59077 Brexit, EU and Global World: Current Challenges in European Politics and Society Barcelona
PSY 2200 Health and Psychology San Jose
PSY 3050 Cultural Psychology San Jose
PSY 6435 Clinical Psychology London
PSYC 310 Psycholinguistics Prague
REL 320 Jewish Narratives in Germany Exploring Memory Past and Present Berlin
Religion/Ethics/Law 317 Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Berlin
SOC 300 Sociology of Food Prague
SOC 311 Nazi Germany - Rise and Fall Berlin
Social Media 59024 Análisis de Redes Sociales (in Spanish) Barcelona
Sociology 59031 Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Barcelona
Sociology/Sport 59081 The Challenges of Modern Sport to Ethics Barcelona
SOCY 3050 LGBTQ Diversity and Identity in Latin America San Jose
Spanish 59083 Taller: Diseño Narrativo Transmedia (in Spanish) Barcelona
SPN 3020 Latin American Literature San Jose
SPN 3050 Phonetics and Phonology San Jose
SPN 3070 Introduction to Translation San Jose
SPN 3520 Latin American Dialects San Jose
THEO 3150 Major World Religions San Jose
# Course Location