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About AIFS

AIFS was founded in 1964 and since then, over 1.6 million students have participated in our educational and cultural exchange programs. For more than 50 years, AIFS has been at the forefront of international education and study abroad, with a commitment to high academic standards, health and safety practices, and a dedication to supporting students in order to maximize their time abroad.

We are committed to facilitating an environment where every student can gain the most from their experience abroad and will be treated with dignity and respect. AIFS Abroad is proud to announce the release of our first annual Plan of Action for Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity. This document is available to download on the Inclusion section of our website and will allow you to learn more about the goals we are working on in these areas in the year ahead and to track our progress.

Benefits To Your Institution

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A tailored program that meets the needs of your institution—you decide the program length, time of year and courses.


Your institution retains student tuition fees.

Status Friendly

Student financial aid still applies, making study abroad an option for more students.

Credit Retention

Your institution provides a full academic program, so there is no issue of credit transfer.


Great opportunity to provide faculty development and globalize your campus.

Risk Free

AIFS books the on-site facilities/services and pays any deposits, so there is no financial risk to your institution.


Once the program details have been agreed upon, sit back and let AIFS do all the non-academic planning and make all the on-site arrangements.

Professional Development Opportunities

Site visits, publications, webinars, Clifton Strengths-based programming, workshops, focus groups, and trainings.

Health, Safety and Financial Security

  • A Program Coordinator, familiar with the local area, to support students and faculty throughout the program
  • Competitive medical insurance package
  • All land prices guaranteed in U.S. dollars to protect against currency fluctuation
  • No hidden fees, administrative fees, or credit card fees
  • AIFS holds over $50 million in liability insurance
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Customized, Faculty Led Programs

Pioneered by AIFS, customized faculty-led study abroad programs are formal arrangements between AIFS and educational institutions in which AIFS provides logistical support, student services, classrooms, housing facilities and cultural activities at a location abroad, plus student medical and program fee refund insurances and over $50 million of liability insurance for the U.S. college/university.

This arrangement enables institutions to conduct their own academic programs abroad at minimal expense for four weeks and upward (including semester). In order to keep costs affordable, programs require at least 12 to 15 students per faculty participating.

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How It Works

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Plan Your Program

AIFS staff work with either faculty or administrators/the study abroad office to determine specific requirements, and then we send a detailed proposal which lists program components, fees, application deadlines and refund policies, so it is absolutely clear what is included in the program fee. All land prices are guaranteed in US dollars, and are not affected by currency fluctuations.

4 Months out

Enroll Your Students

As a partner, the home institution maintains academic control over their students while abroad. The school determines admission criteria and selects and enrolls students. The school retains tuition fees and students pay a non-academic program fee to AIFS. Faculty from the home institution teach their curriculum abroad (with optional use of local adjunct professors).

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AIFS provides logistical support, student services, classrooms, housing and cultural activities at a location abroad. An on-site AIFS Program Coordinator will make all the local arrangements, provide support for the students and faculty and be responsible for all the non-academic elements of the program. The accompanying US faculty will be responsible for the academic program and oversee the awarding of credit.

Scholarships & Grants

AIFS is a Supporting Access Partner of the Fund for Education Abroad. This means that in each academic year, AIFS contributes a specific amount of funds to support both scholarship applicants on AIFS programs, and the daily operations of the organization itself. Together we aim to increase the accessibility of AIFS Abroad study, internship, and customized faculty-led programs for underrepresented participants. We work together on marketing, outreach, and support for applicants and scholars.


AIFS will work collaboratively with faculty and advisors to ensure the best possible academic and cultural experience for students abroad.

The University of Florida has been affiliated with AIFS for more than 20 years and considers them one of our most trusted partners. As part of our long-lasting relationship, we have been able to send hundreds of students on their study abroad programs. In the constantly growing world of program providers, AIFS certainly stands out for their professionalism and their expertise in the field.

This program opened my eyes to a culture and society I knew very little about. I made great friends and had a fabulous time during the process. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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