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Scholarships & Grants

A group of students walking through Stellenbosch.

Scholarship Opportunities

The scholarships listed here are available to AIFS Abroad study abroad and/or internship students and are to be allocated for AIFS Abroad opportunities unless otherwise noted. If you are studying on a customized, faculty-led program through your home institution, these scholarships are not applicable to your program, though you may wish to check with your school regarding any available funding.

Grant Opportunities

We are committed to Access, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity. So, we have converted several scholarships into automatically awarded grants to eligible students as part of the application process; students do not need to complete a separate scholarship application. As an applicant to one of our programs, you will know immediately which grants you are eligible or may be eligible to receive. Over 50% of our students receive financial support in the form of grants!

Students may receive multiple grants they are eligible for, up to a maximum of $2,500 for a semester study abroad program or $1,500 for a summer, J-term, or internship program.

A group of students in Barbados.

Financial Support

AIFS Abroad recognizes the challenges that today’s students face with meeting the cost of their education. We believe that a study abroad and/or intern abroad experience is an essential component of well-rounded education and are committed to providing financial assistance to as many students as possible in support of their goal to study abroad. AIFS funding, combined with other sources of financial support students can access, will help make international education goals attainable. 

Over 50% of our students receive financial support.

Check out our helpful tips for funding your study or intern abroad program.

A group of happy students at a carnival.
A view of Prague.

Social identity & access

One of the best things you can do before departure is enter into the journey knowing that your time abroad will be unique to this experience. The resources, community, and support available to you when abroad will likely be different as well. In order to help you prepare for your experience, we have compiled many resources about social identity and access in specific locations abroad. Your program staff will also provide you with more details pre-departure and during orientation.

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A student sitting on steps between blue buildings in Granada, Spain.

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