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Experience Argentina with AIFS Abroad

Students walking on a rope bridge.
Colorful buildings in La Boca, Argentina.

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Experience Latin American culture and improve your Spanish language skills by studying abroad in Argentina with AIFS.

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Choosing the Right City for You

Iguazu Falls in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, charismatic capital of Argentina, combines European style and sophistication with South American energy, flair and passion. This lively capital city has a thriving cultural scene where drama, music, painting and sculpture have flourished, not forgetting the city’s origins as the birthplace of tango. Buenos Aires is a fascinating, exciting and welcoming place to spend your semester, year, or summer abroad.

The city is huge and beautiful. Day by day, not only my Spanish, but my confidence has improved as I am figuring out this city and the ins and outs of it all. Everywhere I go, the locals (Porteños) are eager to help me practice my Spanish. They always ask if I have any questions and love to explain their culture and customs to me.

As amazing and exciting as the city of Buenos Aires is, one of my favorite parts about studying abroad here has been the opportunity to travel around the Southern Cone and get to know the rest of Argentina outside of the city.

I got to see a lot of Buenos Aires and loved it all! The staff was great and did a great job of taking care of us. The homestay was excellent and the food was amazing. I loved it.

Dividing time between the classroom and the hospital was perfect. I learned a lot! The merging of medical and Spanish together is highly unique. Everything that one can gain from being abroad, you will gain from this program.

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Iguazu Falls in Argentina.

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A group of students on a boat at Iguazu Falls.