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Experience New Zealand with AIFS Abroad

Cliffs in New Zealand.
A group of students on a mountain in New Zealand.
Seaside cliffs in New Zealand.

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Explore New Zealand with AIFS, a land of untamed wilderness, breathtaking mountains and golden beaches that you will remember for a lifetime.

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Choosing the Right City for You

A seaside bay in Wellington, New Zealand.


Sizzling with creative energy, Wellington is a small city with an exciting mix of culture, history, and cuisine. Along with its unique restaurants, markets, and food trucks, Wellington also has picturesque scenery, the perfect backdrop for action sports like mountain biking or kayaking. Rare wildlife encounters are bound to happen in Wellington–go whale watching, visit the glow worm caves, or spot exotic birds.  

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We’re All About Life-Changing Experiences

This is your chance to set yourself apart. Explore the world and your interests while earning academic credit and developing your personal and professional skills.

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A group of students on a bench.

Social identity & access

One of the best things you can do before departure is enter into the journey knowing that your time abroad will be unique to this experience. The resources, community and support available to you when abroad will likely be different as well. In order to help you prepare for your experience, we have compiled many resources about social identity and access in specific locations abroad. Your program staff will also provide you with more details pre-departure and during orientation.

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AIFS has a lot to offer. The more I talked to American students from other programs, the more I realized that AIFS was clearly the best choice.

This program opened my eyes to a culture and society I knew very little about. I made great friends and had a fabulous time during the process. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I would recommend this program to other prospective students. It was well organized with excellent accommodations and wonderful faculty. A once in a lifetime experience!

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A group of students jumping in front of a mountain view in New Zealand.

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