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Global Themes

Colorful buildings on a seaside coast in Italy.

Global Themes

Through the AIFS Abroad Global Themes listed below, students can explore courses, internships and experiences through the lens of these major cross disciplinary interest areas for a more immersive, holistic experience.

Overview of Global Sustainability

The impacts of climate change are being felt on a global scale and efforts to create more sustainable societies are becoming worldwide priority. At AIFS Abroad, we believe that providing students with the opportunities to engage with global sustainability issues within a range of academic courses and can enrich their study abroad experience and future careers.

AIFS Abroad encourages all participants interested in Global Sustainability programs to apply a critical approach to environmental issues through coursework, site visits, and internships directly linked to topics of sustainable development.

Through these programs, students will be given the unique opportunity to learn about and analyze urban sustainability initiatives such as the 2012 Olympics in London or the slow food movement in Florence, Italy among others. The concepts and skills learned in these programs will not only provide students with an interdisciplinary foundation for analyzing global sustainability efforts but also a unique understanding of the factors that contribute to climate change and the different approaches being taken to mitigate its impacts on societies around the world.

Overview of Health Sciences and STEM

Public Health and Psychology are global issues facing the wellness and wellbeing of all societies. At the AIFS Abroad Center students can explore these areas with a range of course work, internships and field trips relating to global and comparative health topics as well as engaging psychology courses. Our programs are created to supplement the variety of Public Health academic programs around the world and increase the opportunities for participants to engage with the world around us.

Global Public Health and Psychology involve complex problem-solving, connecting with a variety of people, and learning how to be a voice for a community or group. These fields bring together a diverse group of individuals studying a variety of subjects from medicine, engineering, policy, education, and nutrition science, among others. They also allow for focus across different areas of practice: Research, clinical, technical.

AIFS Abroad blends theory and practice for all participants interested in Public Health and Psychology programs. Consider studying Comparative Healthcare at in London: this course will introduce you to the comparative health care systems of the UK, Europe, and North America and the relationship that the health care systems have within their respective societies. Students may also enjoy The Science of Wellbeing, also in London: this course will provide an interdisciplinary overview of wellbeing as a scientific construct, with its underpinning biological, psychological, cultural and social determinants, exploring the factors that contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and populations.

Overview of Social and Criminal Justice

In recent years, social and criminal justice systems around the world have been increasingly studied and scrutinized. In the continuous effort to create a more equitable and inclusive world, AIFS Abroad GECs offer a unique opportunity to study and compare different historical, social, cultural, criminological, and political perspectives from around the world.
Whether in a class discussion, on an excursion, or listening to a lecture, students will be challenged to consider their own experiences in society.

Overview of Business, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship

The nucleus of any community, commerce at its core is a tool created by humans to create and obtain the products and services in life both necessary and not. Despite the globalization and interconnectivity of our world, the philosophy of business varies by cultures and countries. How can one navigate the intricacies of these markets by staying at home?

The Business, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship theme at the AIFS Global Education Centers brings students to a distinct economic hub to learn forward-thinking business practices, in-demand industries and foundational professional skills that will be useful long after graduation. Whether in Rome, London, or Florence, students are invited to step into the world of business and examine innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities with fresh eyes.

Overview of Global Peace, International Security & Human Rights

As many leaders dedicate their time to the eternal goal of finding peace in a quickly changing world, students may also find time and space to consider these issues in London, Salzburg, or Rome. Through a variety of coursework and experiences in any of these three cities, students can investigate the inner workings of culture, politics, and society. Whether in world politics or examining the European Union as a unique political institution, you can connect with classmates on topics of cooperation, safety, and security.

In London, students can study world politics and its connection to international security and human rights. Students can take a course in which they will analyze legal aspects and achievements regarding human rights and the role of international organizations such as the United Nations and Amnesty International. There is also something to be said about studying the past to learn for the future. When it comes to politics and peace, who better to learn from than the ancient Romans? In Rome, students can take a course about the rise and fall of the ancient roman empire from the heart of it all.

Overview of Education, Social Services, and Psychology

Ask ten people how they learn best, and you may receive ten different answers. Education is a complex endeavor, with a variety of models and theories across the globe. Diverse populations have a variety of needs, and each country supports their society in a different way. No program or initiative is one-size-fits-all, and we have much to learn from comparative investigation.

Explore the nuances of these topics through the AIFS Global Education Centers’ Education and Social Services theme in London or Florence. Between Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, and the vast metropolitan city of London, each location brings a unique history and perspective to pertinent themes within this track like gentrification, gender roles, local government, and inequality.

Prepare for experiential site visits and lively classroom discussions and debates for thought-provoking engagement designed to challenge a student’s conceptions.

Overview of Arts and Creative Industries

To quote Edgar Degas, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” The arts, culture, and creative industries are a key part of the Arts & Creative Industries Global Theme. From the works of Mozart and Beethoven to the business of fashion design, to the soaring art of architecture, and the cadence of a Shakespearean play, there are many opportunities to be had throughout this theme. Students can apply classroom experience to real world opportunities, study where greats have gone before them, or set their own creative path in a brand-new city.

Overview of Language, History, and Culture

Culture is spoken and unspoken. It can be observed through the languages you hear as you commute on the metro, a leisurely lunch outside where tables line the streets, or by the festivals that bring communities together. Study abroad students and international interns will learn the unspoken cultural pieces deeply embedded in the city’s history, identity, and traditions that cannot be researched, but must be experienced in person. Students can step into and access history that they have only read about as they participate in museum tours and activities built into their syllabi. Learning languages in a classroom or an app on a phone are foundational pieces, but being on site, students will uncover the nuances and quickly learn from mistakes as they advance their language levels.

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