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Psychology Internships Abroad

AIFS Abroad Internships in Law.

Why a Psychology Internship Abroad is Right for You 

Gaining a profound understanding of Psychology within a global context is pivotal for your long-term career success. Our international Psychology internships are crafted to broaden your horizons while equipping you with vital professional skills. We tailor our internships abroad to align perfectly with your existing experience, educational background, and future aspirations.  

We advocate for a hands-on approach, urging employers to minimize “administrative tasks” and instead provide you with engaging and impactful projects. As a Psychology intern, you may find yourself immersed in diverse responsibilities, including conducting intake assessments, literature reviews to support ongoing research, assisting with the preparation of session materials, and more. Psychology remains one of our most popular and sought-after career fields, with internship opportunities available across many of our locations. 

Psychologist takes notes during a session.

Advantages of a Psychology Internship with AIFS Abroad

  • Stand out to employers with international Psychology work experience 
  • Professional development including interview coaching and career readiness program  
  • Guaranteed placement in a full-time internship  
  • Apply with two career fields, not just Psychology 
  • Customize your internship  
  • Academic credit through AIFS Abroad or your home university

Psychology Internship Placement Examples

AIFS Abroad has an excellent history of matching talented interns with top tier international companies. Our placement team is dedicated to finding the right employers for our interns based on their chosen career fields, skills, and interests. The following are just a few examples of internship placements that may be available.

Business Research Internship with a Psychotherapy and Training Center

This organization is one of New York’s top LGBT psychotherapy and training centers. They advocate for personal growth, free of traditional gender, sexual orientation, or cultural bias and provide care to their clients, helping them resolve issues causing emotional distress. It is a training institute with therapists offering a broad range of therapeutic approaches, ensuring clients get the best fit for their problems.

Intern tasks may include:
– Contributing to projects revolved around LGBT+ basic terminology (i.e. sex vs gender vs sexual orientation) and inclusive language
– Discussing controversial topics to create a safe space for staff/clinicians to better understand their clients as well as issues their clients may face
– Analyzing and presenting statistics of trans youth and homelessness/substance abuse
– Presenting on the disparity of LGBT+ issues when compared to the cis-heterosexual population
– Organizing ice breakers and group activities to create cohesion between the staff and new clinical interns
– Reorganizing forms to create cohesion and maintain professionalism
– Analyzing demographic information of clientele using collected information

Family Liaison Internship with Antipoverty Non-profit

Founded in 1998, this is a national nonprofit that empowers families to break the cycle of poverty. They operate program sites in four major cities – Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. – where they connect hardworking parents and caregivers of young children to the people, tools and resources they need to achieve greater economic security and well-being. They believe that by investing in families during children’s earliest years, they can break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

Intern tasks may include:

– Creating a positive, welcoming climate for parents and their families
– Building and maintaining positive relationships with parents, partner agency staff members, and the local community
– Providing high-quality coaching to 10-20 parents to support their achievement of career and financial goals
– Conducting follow-up research on behalf of parents on topics relevant to their goals

Psychology Internship with a Women's Mental Health Charity

Established in 1987, this is the only national, user-led charity working with women, with mental health needs, in prison, hospitals, and the community. It provides independent advocacy, emotional support, and practical guidance at all stages of a woman’s journey through the Mental Health and Criminal Justice Systems. The organization acts to increase women’s participation in the services they receive, and campaigns to get their voice heard at a policy level. It is unique in its long-term commitment to each individual, as they move through hospitals, prison, and the community.

Intern tasks may include:
– Accompanying women to meetings with social services, probation, or other agencies
– Assisting with escorting women home from prison or observing court cases
– Supporting women to become comfortable leaving the house or using public transport
– Providing social contact – going to a café, park, sports, museums, etc.
– Shadowing staff in prison and learn about the criminal justice system
– Helping with general administrative duties, including answering the phone, keeping case notes, and writing letters to service users

Social Services Internship with Early Childcare Education Center

This childcare center believes that a child learns best in a relaxed and accepting atmosphere where fun is the medium through which English skills are developed. Through music, art, language, and laughter, children are able to develop to their full potential. An intern in this placement will gain experience working with children, teaching English, and gaining an understanding of how an innovative childcare center is run.

Intern tasks may include:

– Assisting tutor through the different classes of children to shadow the teaching process and then in turn teach the students English in an encouraging and diverse environment and using various method of play and learn
– Assisting to plan the activities for the kids
– Assisting the kids of several ages during the summer camp activities

Psychology Internship with an Active Irish Retirement Center

Working under funding from the Department of Health and Children, this organization provides input from its clinical team. Input consists of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, and Social Work. Because of the nature of many of their pupils’ needs, these therapy services must form an integral and intensive part of their educational curriculum and a team approach to their needs is a central component of overall service delivery.

Intern tasks may include:
– Understand the Safeguarding policy and importance of reporting
– Getting to know the service users and working with the team to provide a meaningful day for service users in line with the guidelines
– Working with the staff team in the center and out in the community
– Attending daily planning meetings in each center and supporting the team to provide a meaningful day
– Working one to one with a service user, organizing an activity, or supporting a service user to achieve a goal
– Accompanying service users to community-based activities

Psychology Internship with a Non-Profit Hospital in Barcelona

This teaching hospital is a private non-profit institution dedicated to public service that provides public healthcare services and outpatient consultations. They are in the process of establishing themselves as a highly specialized maternity and children’s hospital with international recognition.

Intern tasks may include:
– Assisting families and children with human and psychological support
– Playing with kids that are admitted in hospital
– Organizing activities and celebrations
– Providing support at workshops

Full Time Internship | Dublin Featured Image
Full Time Internship

8 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Dublin, Ireland
Summer 2024
8 weeks From $8,990
Full Time Internship | Florence Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Florence, Italy
Fall 2025
12 weeks From $10,490
Full Time Internship | Florence Featured Image
Full Time Internship

8 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Florence, Italy
Summer 2024
8 weeks From $8,490
Full Time Internship | New York City Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
New York City, USA
Spring 2025
12 weeks From $10,990
Full Time Internship | Florence Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Florence, Italy
Spring 2025
12 weeks From $9,990
Full Time Internship | New York City Featured Image
Full Time Internship

8 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
New York City, USA
Summer 2025
8 weeks From $9,290

Earn Credit For Your Internship Abroad

AIFS Abroad’s international internship program is designed to complement your college degree. You can earn college credits through your home institution, our school of record, or specific location-based opportunities.

How it Works

Step 1


Submit your application and start working with your Admissions Counselor. We will have an interview to learn about your career goals, educational background, and location preferences to ensure that you are a good candidate to intern abroad.

Step 2


Once your interview and application are complete, you’ll be cleared to apply. Your Admissions Counselor and our Placement Team will determine if we’re able to match you with a great host employer in your chosen destination. If accepted, this means we can guarantee you an internship within your career field.

Step 3


After acceptance, the next step is to simply enroll into the program with your initial deposit to secure your spot. Enrolling means you have officially decided to join the program and take on the challenge and thrill of living and becoming an intern abroad in a new city!

Step 4


Before you arrive in your host city, you will work one-on-one with your Program Advisor. They work with you on professional development, career advising and make sure you are ready to move and intern in your new home.

Step 5


We will start the match-making process and narrow down employers to a select few that you would be a great fit for. You’ll have a Skype or phone interview before you leave, so they can get to know you, and you can get to know them. If everything goes well, then your internship is confirmed! You’ll know where you’ll be interning and the role you’ll be walking into before you hop on the plane.

Step 6


When you’ve arrived in your city, you will meet the Location Coordinator and the other interns at your housing. Your internship will start soon after you’ve arrived and there will be social events and excursions throughout the course of your program. We strive to give you the independence you want with all the support and resources you need to be successful during your travel and internship.

Getting started is simple! In just a few steps, you’ll be on your way to building your resume and gaining critical hands-on experience. 

Note: The vast majority of our internship placements are unpaid.

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Girl at Paris

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View of the beach in Barcelona, Spain.

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