How to Request Official Transcripts

Upon completion of their Academic Year, Semester or Summer Study Abroad program, students are mailed one official transcript free of charge to their home school of record. Additional official transcripts are available upon written request and payment to:

Nancy Moore
College Transcript Request
1 High Ridge Park
Stamford, CT 06905

Phone: 800-727-2437 x5092

There is $10.00 fee per transcript request, which covers the cost of one transcript. If your request requires multiple transcripts, please add $2.00 for each additional transcript. Checks should be made out to AIFS. Please include your program, year you studied abroad, and email address or telephone number. Please be sure to include specific instructions on where the transcript(s) should be mailed.

Transcripts from London, Florence, and Rome

Transcripts are prepared by the Richmond Registrar's Office, Richmond, The American International University in London, Queen's Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6JP. One official copy of the transcript will be mailed to you free of charge after your study abroad term.

Additional official transcript copies may be obtained from the Richmond Registrar's Office by using the Transcript Request Form, which is also located on the Richmond website, This form should be printed, signed and mailed or faxed to the Registrar's Office. There is a fee of £7-£15 per transcript, plus an additional fee of £20 if courier service is requested. (Courrier service will take 2-3 business days; regular mail will take 2-3 weeks.) Address, fax number, and fee details are on the request form.

Please visit for more information about Richmond transcript requests.

Transcripts from Perth, Australia

If you attended the Murdoch University program in Perth, Australia, please request a transcript directly from the University.

Transcripts from Sydney, Australia

If you attended the Macquarie University program in Sydney, Australia, please request a transcript directly from the University.

Transcripts from Wellington, New Zealand

If you attended the Victoria University of Wellington program in New Zealand, please request a transcript directly from the University by submitting this Transcript Request Form.