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Promote on Campus

A group of students in Germany.

Promote Study Abroad on Your Campus

Currently less than 10% of the US college population studies abroad, which is shockingly low. As an alum, you know how impactful spending time overseas is and we hope you will share your experience with others. For those who are still on-campus, here are several ways to do that:

A group of students with an ocean view in the background in Chile.

Help at a study abroad fair

Fairs are offered at many schools in the fall from August to November and in spring semester from January to April. The fairs are anywhere from 2-5 hours long, and you can help for a portion of that time or the full event. Students typically have questions on what your experience was like, and you would be joined by an AIFS representative for the event. If you would like to help, simply submit your information and we will be in touch to confirm with more details on when and where the event will take place.

A student on a bridge in Budapest, Hungary.

Be a featured alumni in our newsletter!

Has your study abroad experience had a major impact on your life? We want to hear about it! We are always looking for alumni to profile in our quarterly newsletter, Full Circle. If you would like to be featured, simply fill out this questionnaire and send a few of your favorite study abroad photos to us at