Welcome AIFS Alumni!

Whether you have just returned from an AIFS semester, summer, J-term, or faculty-led study abroad program, or you are an alumna or alumnus from past years, we would like to thank you for choosing AIFS. We hope that you will stay connected to AIFS by utilizing some of the resources we have available to you.

Share your study abroad experience on campus by joining one of two great new resume-building programs:

AIFS Advocates
If you’re eager to share your study abroad experiences with other students either on-campus or online, including Facebook, LinkedIn, or our website, we invite you to join our AIFS Advocate team. We are seeking enthusiastic alumni to connect to other students and coach them on the significance of an international experience and how your individual experience on one of our programs enhanced your undergraduate studies. And for all your hard work, we want to reward you! For each promotional activity you complete, you will be entered to win a $500 Travel Voucher that will be awarded in both December and May. Click here for more details and to apply.

Alumni Ambassador Program
Are you interested in the Advocate program, but you’re looking to take it a step further? The AIFS Alumni Ambassador Program is the place for you! AIFS is looking for enthusiastic, driven, creative alumni to join our team. We are seeking AIFS returnees who are eager to spread the word not only about their study abroad experience, but about all AIFS Study Abroad opportunities. AIFS Alumni Ambassadors are the type of go-getters who are looking to expand their professional portfolio in order to better represent themselves in a competitive job market. As an Ambassador, you will take part in an exclusive training session that will help you acquire communication, business, and marketing skills, all while being able to share your personal, life-changing study abroad experiences with other potential students. At the successful completion of the program, each Alumni Ambassador will be awarded a $500 travel voucher. Click here for more details and to apply.
Already an Ambassador? Order AIFS materials here.

Meet the current AIFS Ambassadors

Upcoming Alumni Webinars

AIFS is offering several webinars for alumni in the upcoming months. Learn more and see the full schedule.

AIFS Granada Alumni Reception

In honor of Paula Messina's 25 years of service and return to the US, we are holding an AIFS Granada alumni reception on Saturday, August 1, 2015 from 1:00-4:00pm in Stamford, CT. Learn more and RSVP.

Watch Paula's video featuring what she will miss most about AIFS in Granada.

We would also like to invite you to share your pictures and stories with others. Email your stories and pictures to alumni@aifs.com.