Volunteer Abroad with AIFS

Service Learning and Community Engagement:
Volunteer During Your Time Abroad

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in another culture is to get involved in the community and volunteer your time to helping others. Whether you teach English to elementary school children, work at a local hospital, give tours of your new town, or find another way to get involved, you'll experience your time abroad in a whole new way.

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AIFS offers both Semester and Summer Service Learning and Community Engagement Programs . Volunteer opportunities are also offered at various program locations.



Other Volunteer Opportunities

If I can learn to swim at 40 and complete Ironman, imagine what kids in Kayamandi could do with the opportunity to learn to swim—they can participate in swimming safely, compete in triathlons, and even in the Olympics or Commonwealth games. Please help me to fulfill this dream by donating to build the Kayamandi Swimming Pool to provide a safe place for the kids to swim and fulfill their dreams.”

Songo – recently ran in the 2016 London Marathon to raise funds to build a swimming pool in Kayamandi, a township in Stellenbosch, South Africa