Study Abroad in Istanbul, Turkey

AIFS Study Abroad in Istanbul

Spend a summer, semester, or year in this bustling city uniquely situated at the crossroads of Europe on the west and Asia on the east. Known for centuries as Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire, modern Istanbul combines the heritage of its Byzantine past with the later Ottoman Empire which brought Turkey into the modern age. It is the only modern metropolis which straddles two continents, divided by the Straits of the Bosphorus. With spectacular architecture, culinary delights and outstanding museums, Istanbul is full of unmissable sights and experiences.

During your time abroad you will earn up to 4 credits taking courses in Turkish or Armenian language, history, political science or sociology. You will also have the option of taking additional courses in a wide range of disciplines at Boğaziçi University.

Explore life outside of Istanbul on a 3-day visit to Athens, Greece and day trips to Troy, Edirne and Princes’ Islands.

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