AIFS Abroad

Criminal Justice in London and Rome, Study & Travel Program
Summer 2022
Course Descriptions


Students take both of the courses listed below for a total of six credits.

Course Descriptions
Course Code and Credits: CRIM 333 (3)
Course Title: Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice
Course Description:
This course will provide a global, comparative approach to the study of criminal behavior and criminal justice systems. It will debate the causes of crime and law enforcement practices and outcomes, with particular focus on the impact of ethnicity, gender, race and social class. Applying both a sociological and scientific approach, the course will analyze types of crime and its control, examining corrections, courts and policing around the world, with special focus upon Italy, the U.K. and the U.S. Teaching methods will be by lecture, discussion and fieldtrips to help students better understand the history of crime and its control in Italy and the U.K.
Course Code and Credits: HIST/CRIM 302 (3)
Course Title: History of the Italian Mafia
Course Description:
This course explores the history of the Italian Mafia from the national unification of Italy until the present day. Topics studied include relationships within the organization, those between the Mafia and Italian politics, and those between the Italian and the American mafia. As part of the course students will visit Rebibbia State Prison, the Military Police School, the Italian Parliament/Senate and Libera, a network of over 1,200 associations which support the fight against organized crime.