AIFS Abroad

Criminal Justice in Rome and London, Study & Travel Program
Summer 2018
Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions
Course Code and Credits: HST 5820 (3)
Course Title: History of the Italian Mafia (Mandatory)
Course Description:
This course explores the history of the Italian Mafia from the national unification of Italy until the present day. Topics studied include relationships within the organization, those between the Mafia and Italian Politics, and those between the Italian and the American mafia. As part of the course students will visit Rebibbia State Prison, the Military Police School, the Italian Parliament/ Senate and Libera, a network of over 1200 associations which support the fight against organized crime.
Course Code and Credits: ISSU1033 (4)
Course Title: Understanding and Preventing Crime (Mandatory)
Course Description:

Provides students with a broad understanding of issues relating to crime measurement, crime patterns, explanations of criminal behavior, and crime prevention. The module will consider the challenges and processes associated with measuring and analyzing crime and will present some of the key crime trends. Special attention will be devoted to how crime patterns manifest in space and time and how they can be analyzed. Criminological and psychological theories will be compared and the role of the traditional criminal justice system as a means of crime control will be explored.

To complement classroom study students will visit the Old Bailey, City Police Museum and participate in a CSI workshop on forensics.