Study & Travel (Multi-Destination) Programs

Study Abroad on an AIFS Study & Travel (Multi-Destination) Program

If you can't decide on one location to study in this summer, maybe you'd like to go to multiple locations? AIFS offers several traveling programs that visit a series of international cities while focusing on one course throughout the trip.

  • Art and Activism examines the question, How does art address political issues, challenge social norms and empower communities striving for change? Students explore London and Amsterdam.
  • Comparative Education Systems surveys the education systems of England, Spain and Italy by visiting three of the most exciting cities in Europe: London, Barcelona and Florence.
  • Comparative Healthcare examines the origins of global healthcare and compares how countries are managing current challenges, with visits to London, Barcelona, and Florence.
  • Criminal Justice in London and Rome surveys the history of the Italian mafia and crime prevention in London and Rome.
  • European Art and Culture examines the artistic treasures of London, Paris, Nice, Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome.
  • European Cinema examines the development of film and approaches to film making across Europe, with stops in London, Paris, Rome, and Florence.
  • Fashion Marketing explores the fashion business in London, Paris, Milan, and Florence.
  • Global Cuisine deliciously samples the sensational flavors, aromas, sights and sounds of Europe’s food scene on a journey through London, Florence and Barcelona!
  • Herstory: Leading Women in the U.K. and Ireland explores the achievements of remarkable women in British and Irish history, with stays in London and Dublin.
  • The Holocaust examines the atrocities of genocidal violence from the 19th to the 21st century in London, Berlin, Prague, Kraków, and Warsaw.
  • LGBTQIA+ Europe: History, Culture and Community examines LGBTQ culture and history, visiting London and Amsterdam.
  • London & Rome, an exciting new semester program that gives students the opportunity to study abroad in two illustrious capital cities.
  • Music History in Germany and Austria offers three weeks of immersion in the culture and sounds of five fabulous capitals of classical music in Germany and Austria: Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Salzburg and Vienna.
  • The Science of Wellbeing explores the concept of wellbeing and what that means in different cultures, with stops in London, Stockholm and Copenhagen.
  • Sustainable Cities offers a look at three modern, multi-cultural, and green European cities: London, Stockholm, and Copenhagen!