Study & Travel (Multi-Destination) Programs

Study Abroad on an AIFS Study & Travel (Multi-Destination) Program

If you can't decide on one location to study in this summer, maybe you'd like to go to four or five? AIFS offers several traveling programs that visit a series of international cities while focusing on one course throughout the trip.

British Fantasy Literature follows the footsteps of British authors and their characters in Scotland, Bangor, Bath, Exeter, and London. Criminal Justice in Rome and London surveys the history of the Italian mafia and crime prevention in Rome and London. European Art and Architecture examines the artistic treasures of London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lausanne, Venice, Florence and Rome. Fashion Marketing and Merchandising explores the fashion business in London, Paris, Milan, and Florence. Centuries of Genocide examines the atrocities of genocidal violence from the 19th to the 21st century in London, Berlin, Prague, Kraków, and Warsaw. A Journey into Spanish Life and Culture focuses on Spain's language, diverse regions, traditions, history, landscape, food and art in Salamanca, Estepona, Mallorca and Barcelona. LGBTQ+ in the UK: Pride and Prejudice examines LGBTQ culture and history, visiting London, Paris, and Berlin. Storytelling in Australia gives students a unique experience of Western Australia and its indigenous culture. Tropical Marine Biology in Australia is a 3-week exploration of Western Australia's marine habitats. The Vikings explores Viking culture in northern Europe, including stops in Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm, and Oslo. Western European Cinema examines the development of film and approaches to film making across Europe, with stops in London, Paris, Rome, and Florence.