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Courses - January Term 2023

A minimum enrollment is required for a course to run.

Taught by the University of Salamanca Cursos Internacionales department, classes at all levels are conducted in Spanish by university professors. AIFS participants attend classes with international students in a diverse, multicultural environment. Four main language levels (Elementary to Superior) are further subdivided to accommodate varying skills. Students take an online placement exam before arrival to determine the appropriate level. Students are advised to obtain approval for several different levels of Spanish from their academic advisor in the U.S. prior to arrival in Salamanca, in order to ensure that they receive credit for the course that they test into. Classes meet for a total of 50 hours (3 credits) and for students testing into the Intermediate level and above include: 20 hours of Spanish grammar, 10 hours of Spanish conversation and composition, 10 hours of Spanish culture and 10 hours of Spanish art. Classes for Elementary level students include: 20 hours of Spanish grammar, 10 hours of Spanish conversation and composition, 10 hours of vocabulary development and 10 hours of phonetics.

Spanish Language Courses

Spanish 102 (3) | Intensive Elementary Spanish

For students with no previous Spanish instruction and up to a year of high school or a semester of college Spanish. Focus is on grammar, sentence structure, pronunciation and vocabulary development. Present, past and future tenses are studied in the indicative as well as subjunctive, along with regular and irregular verbs, interrogative and personal pronouns and possessive adjectives. Social and cultural topics covered include manners, introductions, customs, gastronomy, fiestas and traditions.

Spanish 202 (3) | Intensive Intermediate Spanish

Solid knowledge of basic Spanish grammar structures and tenses and a fundamental vocabulary are necessary to place in this level. Emphasis is on fluid conversation, comprehension and vocabulary. Tenses, habitual actions in the past and abstract descriptions are explained. Grammar study is on the imperative, conditional and relative sentences, indirect speech, passive voice, intonation, prefixes, suffixes and affixes. Cultural topics include the influence of mass media on Spanish language, superstitions, beliefs, literature, humor and cinema.

Spanish 302 (3) | Intensive Advanced Spanish

For students with a strong background in Spanish, this course deepens comprehension and works at developing a more sophisticated speaking style. Conversational skills are emphasized: conversations, arguments, debate, opinions, concession and opposition. Grammar focus is on verb forms in the past, nominal subordinate sentences, emphatic and metaphoric comparisons and meaning and use of the infinitive, gerund and participle. Cultural aspects include appropriate behavior and manners, stereotypes of regions of Spain and Hispanic countries, “la tertulia” (conversational gatherings), gestures, popular stories and legends.

Spanish 402 (3) | Intensive Superior Spanish

Students in this level are essentially bilingual and want to perfect or understand grammatical complexities. Pragmatic issues are expressing and understanding humor, irony, sarcasm, anger, wonder and skepticism, persuading and convincing, expressing cause, consequence and purpose as well as agreement and disagreement. Grammar focuses on the pronoun “se”, idioms, colloquial Spanish, changes in sentence structures, direct object complements, paraphrases and Latin American Spanish. Cultural themes are the influence of other cultures on Spain, types of journalism, publicity in the media, dialects, Hispanic American writers, Spain’s political system and social attitudes.

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS Spain programs! Offerings!

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS Spain programs!

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS Spain, Salamanca programs!