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Service Learning in Stellenbosch: Courses

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Global Service Learning Program

Course 1 (Mandatory)
SSA 202/302 (2)
Introduction to South Africa’s Political History

During this course, you will be introduced to South Africa’s unique 20th-century history, and the interplay between the country’s political, social and economic issues. In particular, the focus is on South African identities, and how these were and continue to be shaped by the country’s past. At the root of the apartheid project was a sustained attempt to manipulate social identities. Almost 50 years of social engineering cannot be dismissed easily, and continues to influence the future of South Africa’s democracy. Understanding how the past impacts on the present allows us to better understand the issues and challenges currently facing the country. We therefore commence by exploring South Africa’s political history, focusing on the apartheid era and the transition to democracy. A field trip to Robben Island will contribute to making this history come alive. An assessment of the process of reconciliation following the 1994 elections provides the bridge to a discussion of the project of nation-building, including the debates around national identity construction.

Course 2 (Mandatory)
SSA 215/315 (6)
Global Service Learning

LSCE is an experiential learning programme offered by the Global Engagement centre of Stellenbosch University and presented in collaboration with Boschendal farm in Pniel. It is comprised of 50in-class hours and 30 hours of on-site community engagement. This is a reading and writing intensive programme that will require many hours of self-study and group work to enable successful completion outside of ‘formal’ programme hours. The community component comprises planning and executing an educational winter camp for students who reside on a local wine farm. This is an international development education programme. Using a trans-disciplinary approach grounded in complexity theory, it primarily aims to a) harness students’ critical self-reflective capacity to engage with contemporary global development issues in a local context, and b) use the community engagement vehicle critically as a tool for social impact. This is a trans-disciplinary programme in which students will be exposed to a number of different concepts, academic fields, theories, and methodologies. It is expected that each student will, in conjunction with their teaching and learning team, and based on their practical experiences in the field, be able to construct, articulate, and defend an intellectual stance on the role of international education in community development.

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS South Africa programs!

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS South Africa, Stellenbosch programs!