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Study Abroad in Paris - American Business School: Courses

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All courses are taught in English. Choose two courses.

Students should consult with their university advisors prior to participating in the program to have course credit pre-approved. Recommended credits are shown in parentheses.

Summer Courses

ARTS 290 (3) | Photography Through the Parisian Lens

Students will explore the history and craft of photography using the beautiful and historic backdrop of Paris as inspiration. The course will examine such topics as urban landscape, street photography, portraiture and digital techniques and is structured to take full advantage of the experience of being in Paris. Class time will include visits to museums and galleries, field trips to various neighborhoods in the city, technical demonstrations, individual and group critiques. This course is open to students with all levels of photographic experience. Beginners will master the basics of camera usage (mastery of camera metering, manual adjustments to create a desired look, etc.) as well as introduction to notions of lighting and composition. More advanced students will be encouraged to refine their technical and aesthetic skills while they continue to develop and sharpen their own personal photographic vision.

COMM 130 (3) | Communication Techniques/Speech

The course is highly participative and helps students to develop the necessary skills for effective public speaking. Students will be encouraged to assess their own communication competencies using different techniques in relation to the demands of diverse public speaking situations.

FREN 111 (3) | Elementary French

Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of the French language. The course will cover the grammar, vocabulary, communication and cultural aspects related to the French language. During each class, students will learn several perspectives of the language.

FREN 211 (3) | Intermediate French

Students will learn all the basic structures of language and how to manage in everyday situations in their Parisian life. Students will need to actively participate in all of the scheduled activities and to prepare carefully the given assignments. As a follow-up to the first level of French language studies, students will continue to develop the four competencies of language acquisition: speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing. Although the course is structured around grammatical and lexical objectives, students will be engaged in both individual and group work designed to give them grammatical and conversational basic abilities. Outside of class, they will have independent work and exercises on a regular basis to strengthen skills acquired in class.

FREN 240 (3) | Paris Global City

In this course, we explore the development of urban space and cultures in modern Paris. Through a combination of group meetings, activities in the Paris area and an independent project, students experience and gain knowledge about the diverse cultures and global connections within the city.

MGMT 215 (3) | Organizational Behavior and Management

The corporation was once completely focused on economics, finance and accounting. In today’s ultra-competitive and demanding economy, the business climate can no longer rely on the sale of a simply efficient service or trustworthy product to guarantee profit and turnover. Technology, transport, free-trade, outsourcing and offshoring are some of the revolutionary business forces which have transformed the corporate community into an interconnected local village. Borders, countries, languages, philosophies unite to expand the culture of a company across oceans of market share and centuries of geo-political lifestyle. Today organizational behavior and modern management theory have opened us to an entirely new vision of the workplace offering valuable guidelines into the heart of a business, and its most valuable asset: human beings.

MGMT 310 (3) | Project Management

Project Management examines the organization, planning, and control of projects and provides practical knowledge on managing project scope, schedule and resources. Topics include project life cycle, work breakdown structure and Gantt charts, network diagrams, scheduling techniques, and resource allocation decisions. Concepts are applied through team projects and tutorials using project management software.

MGMT 330 (3) | Learning to Fail

“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”, Winston Churchill. Most people spend their lives afraid of failing. Yet, many of the world’s most successful people failed numerous times on their paths toward success. There is an emerging trend in business today to talk openly about failure and how to learn from it. However, there are immense cultural barriers that prevent people from benefitting from the failures they experience. In this class, students will experiment with failure and will learn how to challenge their cultural assumptions to open their minds and develop their skills as innovators and entrepreneurs.

MGMT 403 (3) | Sustainable Business and Global Innovation

A changing mindset from short-term to long-term is starting to take hold in the business world. A changing mentality among business leaders and consumers is shaping the way that companies interact with their communities, their environment, their employees, their customers, and all their other stakeholders. Companies can no longer simply focus on the one bottom line but must expand their vision to consider the implications of climate change, shifts in commodity demand and supply, including labor, and much more.

MGMT 410 (3) | The Business of European Football

This course is an upper level international business course that applies standard business analysis and practices to the industry of European football (soccer). Students will expand their understanding of an industry of which they are typically a consumer to a behind-the-scenes understanding of the multinational football sector. Students will read and analyze current affairs that affect the industry, as well as the background statistics analysis and scoring required to understand the industry.

MGMT 444 (3) | Doing Business in Asia

Provides students the bases (political, economic, legal and cultural) needed to understand the local environment of Asian markets enabling them to comprehend the local business logic in this very fast growing but competitive region with better keys and codes in order to be successful.

MKTG 240 (3) | Consumer Behavior

Explores the history and development of consumer behavior from the post WWII era to the present day, differentiating the methods, structures and implications of each and the effects in all aspects of contemporary life; mainly economics and sociology. Provides students with a working knowledge of the methods, tools and objects of both pre-and post-internet marketing practice and the growing impact of globalization.

MKTG 400 (3) | Creating and Developing Luxury Brands

The latest theories and cutting-edge thinking are introduced with interactivity to enable students to work with real issues faced by today’s leading as well as niche high luxury brands. Workshop sessions will follow lecture sessions. Groups will at times be required to prepare workshop analysis in advance. Videos and video interviews will be provided to reinforce lessons learned.

POLS 211 (3) | International Relations and European Strategies

This course is a deeper look into international relations, especially as they relate to recent and current European strategies. Europe is a volatile conglomeration of states with different histories, languages, and cultures, often with past conflicts between the states. Today it tries to talk with one voice, economically and politically, sometimes with, and sometimes without success. This class creates discussion about the current state of Europe and its relationship with global states and global powers.

Optional Extension Program ($1,795)

FREN 290 (3) | Language, Careers and Culture

The Extension Program is designed to expose students to cultural and career development experiences unique to their stay in Paris. It includes a series of specific activities built around cultural exposure, language and cultural exchange, as well as future career opportunities and introductions to new industries and areas of career development. The concept of the program is to leverage students’ proximity to the fashion and luxury industry in Paris, as well as companies from innovative start-ups to large multi-national Paris-based organizations, to bring a new perspective to the students’ viewpoint of their career path ahead. Students will be introduced to business vocabulary and have the opportunity to spend time with native francophone students who are motivated to exchange and learn more about their culture and language.

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS France programs! Offerings!

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS France programs!

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS France, Paris programs!