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Courses - January Term 2021

Choose one course from either the Institut de Langue et de Culture Franšaises (ILCF) or the Cours de Civilisation Franšaise de la Sorbonne (CCFS) or the American Business School (ABSParis).

Institut de Langue et de Culture Franšaises (ILCF)

Art History 308 (3) | Paris: World Capital of Arts and Architecture

With a focus on modernity and through visits to significant sites in the city, students learn to classify architectural function and style. Through discussion of social and economic conditions in which various buildings were constructed, students acquire an understanding of the historic conditions that defined the changing Parisian landscape in the 17th to 20th centuries.

Cours de Civilisation Franšaise de la Sorbonne (CCFS)

Fine Arts 307 (3) | Fashion in France 18th-21st Century

The links between fashion and artistic, cultural, social and political contexts across French history are explored. The lasting dominance of Paris in the world of fashion is examined. Students will be able to appreciate how fashion and accessories have been used to express all types of identities. Students will visit different exhibitions and museums. Entrance fees may apply.

American Business School, Paris (ABSParis)

Management 180 (3) | International Business

Examination of business activities across national borders with emphasis on the interaction and integration of the functional areas for effective strategic planning in multinational firms operating in developing, newly industrialized and developed countries. To give an overview of the means of conducting international business with an emphasis on what makes international business different from domestic business. The dimensions of the international environment will be examined and analyzed through real-world examples of operations undertaken by countries and companies attempting to conduct foreign business activities.