Study Abroad in Paris, France

AIFS Study Abroad in Paris

AIFS offers two separate programs in Paris, France, allowing students to choose between focusing more on the study of French language or on their chosen electives. By including your tuition, housing, group meals, meal vouchers and cultural activities in one guaranteed price, AIFS makes it simple for you to live and study in Paris and experience all that the City of Light has to offer. Volunteer opportunities are available during the Fall and Spring semester for students at the Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne, or at the Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises.

Enjoy cafes and restaurants throughout the city with your AIFS meal allowance. Experience the culinary side of French culture with wine tasting and cooking classes. Explore France's artistic and architectural heritage with visits to world-class museums like the Louvre, d'Orsay, Picasso and Pompidou Centre, and monuments like the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame.

En route to Paris, students on the optional flight pakage visit the exciting city of London. In France, students may select one or both optional excursions through Normandy and to the Chateaux of the Loire Valley. Spring semester or fall quarter students on the CCFS program may spend an optional 2 weeks in Cannes en route to Paris.

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AIFS Study Abroad in Paris, France AIFS Study Abroad in Paris, France AIFS Study Abroad AIFS Study Abroad in France