Study Abroad in Grenoble, France

AIFS Study Abroad in Grenoble

AIFS offers three unique semester programs, as well as summer and January term programs, in Grenoble, France, an idyllic location in the French Alps, where students can enjoy magnificent Alpine vistas and an authentically French culture. Study French language and culture or intensive French language at the University Grenoble Alpes, or study business at the Grenoble École de Management. By including your tuition, housing, meals, airfare and cultural activities in one guaranteed price, AIFS makes it simple for you to live and study in Grenoble and experience all that this Alpine city has to offer.

Host to the 1968 Winter Olympics, Grenoble is a haven for those who love the outdoors, with access to hiking trails, lakes and ski slopes that are characteristic of the Alps. Experience the typical French lifestyle, living and sharing meals with your host family. Explore the culinary side of French culture with wine tasting and cooking classes.

You will enjoy a 3-day tour of the southern region of Provence. AIFS also offers visits to London, Burgundy, Paris and Geneva. From Grenoble, you can be skiing in the upper Alps in an hour and a half, take the TGV to Paris or catch connections from Lyon to go hiking in Provence, warm up by the Mediterranean or sample French wine in the regions of Burgundy or Champagne.

Where is Grenoble

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