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Study Abroad in London: Courses

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Courses are grouped by broad academic discipline. Class timetables are available in April.


ANTH/ARTH 335 (3) | London’s Museums and Galleries

London is famous for the richness and diversity of its museums and galleries - there are over 250 registered art institutions in London. Through hands on experiential visits, this course will introduce students to the range and breadth of the museums and galleries in London. It will aim to build an appreciation of the variety of museums and galleries available, while offering firsthand visual experience of the different art forms including visual art and media. Students will be asked to explore concepts such as the role of philanthropy in establishing museum and galleries, debates around repatriation of objects; public funding for the arts; different curating styles and the marketing of the arts, including the role of social media and innovation in order to gain a better understanding of the development of the museum and galleries in London over time and the challenges they face today. The course will be heavily based on experiential learning with visits to world-famous museums and galleries such as the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and Tate Modern, along with lesser-known examples such as Sir John Soane’s House, Leighton House Museum and Whitechapel Gallery.

ANTH/SOCI 345 (3) | Global Cuisine and Food Culture in Britain

This course will focus on the emerging global cuisine in London and examine it as a cultural phenomenon inextricably linked to immigration. Taking a historical perspective, the course will explore the role of culinary dishes adopted as “national dishes” in the UK, from fish and chips to chicken tikka masala, and analyze their origins and evolution into iconic British foods. The course will explore the role of the British Empire in assimilating and appropriating global cuisines and study the cultural impact this has had on the communities involved. The course will also introduce students to European legislation and how it created classifications to promote regionally important food products while analyzing recent challenges such as the debate between the EU and the UK over fisheries and how the scope of our global cuisine may be impacted by the UK leaving the EU, and “Brexit.” Finally, the course will ask students to apply creative and original thinking by drawing lessons from global food cultures in how to address issues such as the rise in food banks, food waste, the rise of obesity and other health issues, the welfare of animals and global warming and review options for a sustainable future such as organic farming and “slow food.” The course will visit museum exhibitions and local markets and students will enjoy food tastings across the city.


MKTG 345 (3) | Fashion Marketing and Communication

This course introduces students to what marketing is and how it is defined in the fashion industry. Students learn about the role of marketing communication, its cross-functional importance and its contribution to fashion business success. Through the course, knowledge is developed about the marketing planning process, modern fashion communication, segmentation, the internal and external marketing environment, and the marketing mix in the world of fashion. Additionally, the course will examine the spectacular evolution of fashion from small dressmakers’ workshops serving the elite to an explosion into mainstream global consumption in which marketing and communication principles revolutionized the business of fashion forever. Students will be encouraged to “see” London’s fashion industry first hand and the course includes visits to the Fashion and Textile Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and a fashion exhibition.


CRIM 333 (3) | Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice

This course will provide a global, comparative approach to the study of criminal behaviour and criminal justice systems. It will debate the causes of crime, with particular focus on the impact of ethnicity, gender, race and social class. Applying both a sociological and scientific approach, the course will analyse types of crime and its control, examining corrections, courts and policing around the world, with special focus upon the UK and US. Teaching methods will be by lecture, discussion and field trips around the city of London to help students better understand the history of crime and its control in the UK. Students will visit the Tower of London, the Old Bailey, the Supreme Court and will benefit from a forensics workshop.


ENGL 320 (3) | Creative Writing

This course will provide students with the opportunity to develop their creative writing within the context of contemporary British fiction. Students will be introduced to the approaches taken by various British novelists and short story writers along with exploring those very areas that have inspired a variety of British writing. The course will employ London as a resource and inspiration for creative writing. London’s own literary scene will be explored to offer the perfect context for students to explore their own creative powers. A key part of the course will involve students sharing new and revised writing with one another and exploring strategies to deal with potential problems. Textual analysis will be used to help students to better understand and manipulate different forms and techniques adopted by a variety of diverse British writers and improve their own writing.


ENVS 345 (3) | London – Sustainable City?

On both sides of the Atlantic, the idea of a Green New Deal has become a much-discussed policy area. This course will focus on the importance of sustainability for Britain, an island nation, and explore how the nation is responding to the global challenge. Students will be asked to apply a critical approach to issues including creating a green economy, investing in sustainable transportation systems, renewable power sources, flood defenses and dealing with waste. By focusing closely on urban regeneration projects in London, one of the world’s global cities, students will be required to critically analyze the legacy of urban initiatives such as the 2012 London Olympics, and housing projects such as Beddington Zero Emissions Developments (BedZED), Hackbridge. The course will explore sustainability in Britain as a phenomenon beyond global green politics and ask students to apply a holistic approach towards a sustainable model which encompasses social, economic and cultural factors and in which we can all play an individual role. The course will encourage students to learn about London’s sustainability outside of the classroom and includes visits to several ecological sites across the city.


GEST/SOCI 355 (3) | LGBTQI+ in Britain

From identity politics and gender roles to issues of privilege and social exclusion, this course explores how Western culture came to view sex, gender and sexuality in the ways that we do, and how culture can shift our perspective of what’s “normal.” The course will aim to introduce students beyond binary definitions and question popular and problematic assumptions about sex, gender and identity in the UK today. It will introduce some of the key theories and thinkers and address the way in which these activists have helped shape UK law from the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1967 under the Sexual Offences Act to present day legislation. The course will address contemporary movements and debates including tensions between women’s rights and rights of transgender people and the legal status of non-binary people. It will explore the progress made in human rights in the different parts of the UK and the issues that remain. Students will spend time learning first hand about the course themes via local speakers and tours across the city.

SOCI 338 (3) | Diversity in London: Minority Ethnicities, Immigration and Integration

London, home to nearly 9 million people, is arguably one of the most diverse cities in the world, with 40% of its population born abroad and 300 different languages spoken in the capital. Through reading, discussion and fieldwork, this course will focus on the character of ethnic, national and religious diversity in London and how different transnational communities have dealt with arriving, settling and living life as an immigrant in London. Starting with the post-war period and the 1948 British Nationality Act, the course will explore the experiences of minority ethnicities living in London and cover the period right up to the present day, exploring political and cultural responses within London to different groups (the South Asian community, Windrush generation, EU community etc.) and exploring how these have changed over time. The course will introduce students to the distinctive form and nature of Britain’s multiculturalism and critically analyze the legacy of the British Empire. Through classroom teaching and field trip-based research, students will assess the way in which London has experienced the process of immigration and integration and explore the creation of complex communities whose cultures shape the modern city today.

HIST/SOCI 335 (3) | British Life and Culture

The British Life and Culture course seeks to develop students’ understanding and appreciation of key aspects of contemporary British cultures and society within a social, cultural and historical context. The course will be heavily focused on experiential learning and draw on student experiences as they familiarize themselves with their host nation. It will explore how we contextualize culture, history and language in order to frame a cultural group. Using an interdisciplinary approach, students will be expected to engage and critically analyze debates in contemporary British society, such as Britain’s departure from the European Union (Brexit), theater and the arts in the UK and attitudes to nationalism and patriotism. Students will be required to apply a comparative approach between British and American identities and value systems with the overarching aim of helping to develop a broad understanding of their host country, with all its idiosyncrasies, and be able to evaluate and respond to their experiential context.

HLST 335 (3) | Comparative Health Care Systems

This course will introduce students to the comparative health care systems of the UK, Europe and North America and the relationship that the health care systems have within their respective societies. The course will draw on experiential site visits and emphasize the key components of the evolution of the national health care system in the UK, the NHS, its origins and intentions, and its strengths and weaknesses as a single payer universal health care system that is free at the point of delivery. Common controversies and contemporary debates such as the sustainability of the NHS, funding issues and the role of social care and mental health wellbeing will also be explored. The course will invite students to gain a comparative perspective on the NHS in comparison to other health care systems including their own in order to gain an understanding of the different models, their value systems and the effectiveness of each. Students will benefit from visits to museum exhibitions and tours to further broaden their knowledge of UK healthcare history and challenges.


PSYC 310 (3) | Cross Cultural Psychology

This course explores human behavior from the social point of view and in a cross-cultural perspective, both in theory and in practice. Through elements of sociology, ecology, anthropology, biology, sociology, it gives students the opportunity to discuss the shaping and deployment of human attitudes, behavior, values, communication process and social organization. Specific attention will be devoted to issues such as the individual vs the social, mental health and cross-cultural communication.

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Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS England programs!

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