Study Abroad in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Study Abroad in The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: Cultural Excursions

Otavalo (day trip)

Included in program fee

From Quito take a day trip to Otavalo, a largely indigenous town famous for its colorful market. See the Otovaleños in their traditional clothing and soak up the lively atmosphere as traders sell their wares including local crafts, textiles, herbal remedies and livestock. Street stalls burst with tropical fruit, vegetables and meat in all its forms. The market dates back to Ecuador’s pre-Colombian history when it celebrated the gods of commerce and is still vital to the livelihood of the Otovaleños and surrounding villagers.

Includes transportation and lunch.

Floreana and Santa Cruz Island (4 days)

Included in program fee

Travel by speedboat from San Cristóbal to Floreana, home to the first Galápagos resident and the first post office, established in 1793. Visit the pirate caves, before heading on to Santa Cruz, the island with the largest population of all the Galápagos and the most developed due to its history of human settlement and agriculture which began in the 20th century. Settlers from the U.S. and Europe were attracted by the variety of wildlife and vegetation allowing farmers to rear cattle and plant crops including avocados, coffee and sugarcane. The island is the location of the Charles Darwin Research Station, an international non-profit scientific organization which works with the government of Ecuador to provide scientific knowledge and assistance to ensure the conservation of the Galápagos. Students will visit the Research Station to gain a better understanding of its vital work in safeguarding the Galápagos Islands and also visit a local coffee plantation. A real highlight of the excursion is the visit to the Lava Tunnels, formed after a volcanic eruption when the molten lava solidified but the liquid magma continued flowing inside, leaving behind empty tunnels that you can now walk through, some of which are 1 kilometer long.

Includes transportation, 3 nights in a hotel with breakfast included and daily lunch in a local restaurant.

Dates and itineraries are tentative and subject to change.