AIFS Study Abroad Program Details

AIFS Travel

Flight arrangements
Students must indicate on the application their intention either to take an AIFS flight or to provide their own transportation to and from the program and pay the “land only” fee listed. Students changing from an AIFS flight to their own transportation prior to 75 days before departure pay a $100 change fee; less than 75 days prior to departure students maybe subject to a $250 penalty. Students who initially intended to provide their own transportation to and from the program may apply for a seat on AIFS flights subject to the following terms: 1) prior to 75 days before departure provided space is available; a $100 change fee is charged and 2) within 75 days before departure provided space is available; subject to a $200 penalty. Students changing from one departure city to another prior to 75 days before departure may be charged a $100 change fee for each change; within 75 days of departure students may be subject to a $250 penalty in addition to any application fare differential provided space is available. For changes to return flights, refer to “Alternate return dates and cities.”

Students are sent their final itinerary approximately two weeks before departure. Students on extended personal travel before the start of the program should contact the Stamford office for itinerary information.

Due to TSA regulations students wishing to travel on an AIFS flight must be sure to give their full name exactly as it appears on their passport. If students give an incomplete or incorrect name on their application, they will be responsible for any financial penalties incurred or flight tickets cancelled.

Airline tickets
If you have opted for the Optional AIFS Flight Package, where permitted by the airline, you will be issued with an electronic ticket. Once confirmed, details of your flight information will be available to you on the AIFS website at www.aifsabroad. com/login. You can check here at any time to get your flight information, but should make a final check just prior to your departure. A detailed itinerary and e-ticket information will be mailed to your home address approximately two weeks prior to departure, providing all fees have been paid and all required documents have been received. If you will not be at your home address at this time, notify AIFS in writing of your new address. E-tickets are shipped via UPS (they cannot be sent to a P.O. Box number).

AIFS is able to arrange alternate return flights for students wishing to extend their stay or leave from a different European city. Please note that students must leave from and return to the same U.S. city.

Alternate Return Date
Students may choose a return date other than the scheduled program return date(s) for an additional fee of $100. The alternate return date option does not apply to the Russia program.

Alternate Return City
Before airline tickets are issued, students may choose to return from an alternate return city for an additional cost between $125 and $275. Alternate return city selections must be marked on the application and cannot be made after tickets are issued. The alternate return city option does not apply to the Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Russia or South Africa programs. Students wishing to change both their return city and date, must pay the $100 alternate return date fee plus the relevant return city fee from the chart below.

If you choose to return from




Alternate return date and city change requests are available only for applicants who meet application and payment deadlines. Once an application is received, any subsequent changes to return flight selections may be subject to a $100 administrative fee for each change made prior to 75 days before departure. Changes within 75 days of departure may be subject to an administrative fee of $200 for each change.

All change requests must be submitted in writing by mail or fax with the student’s signature or by email. Once tickets have been issued, it may be possible to change your return flight date, subject to airline availability. It is not possible to change your flight routing once tickets have been issued. Please visit the AIFS website for further instructions after arrival on campus.

Dual Campus Students
are responsible for their own travel arrangements from the first to the second campus. These students can purchase a round trip flight with AIFS arriving at the first campus and departing from the second. Additional alternate city/ date fee applies.

Airport Transfers
Transfers to and from campus are included for students who have booked their flights with AIFS, but only on the arrival/departure dates from the local airport as indicated in the program specific chapters.

Transfer from the arrival airport to campus is not included for students who miss their AIFS flight on the scheduled departure date and arrive at a different airport and/or on a different date other than the scheduled arrival date and arrival city (including rescheduled flights booked through AIFS). Students who miss their AIFS flight must arrange their own transportation from the arrival airport to campus and incur all consequent costs. This includes, but is not limited to, students who miss an AIFS flight due to illness or due to a delay in receiving a student visa. Airport transfers are also not included for students who arrange their own transportation.

Tickets are subject to availability and are not transferable, endorsable to another airline. There are no refunds for any unused portion of a ticket. All tickets are subject to prevailing airline and government rules. Students choosing a flight requiring an overnight connection assume extra costs, if incurred.

Housing on campus is not provided outside the actual program dates and students opting to travel independently before or after the program must make their own accommodation arrangements during these periods. However, housing is provided on campus for those not participating in optional weekend excursions that operate during the academic program. AIFS residences/offices do not have storage facilities for luggage during independent travel times. Your AIFS Protection Plus insurance plan covers you for up to one month during your period of independent travel after the program.

For those who prefer a prearranged itinerary during independent travel time, AIFS organizes inexpensive study excursions. Some campuses also offer optional weekend excursions. The cost of these excursions is not included in summer school fees. The deadline for optional excursion enrollment is April 1, regardless of the date of application. If you apply late and are on a wait list, you will not be able to enroll in optional excursions after April 1 unless AIFS can confirm availability.

AIFS excursions allow free time for individual sightseeing and organized visits to points of interest by bus, train or air. A multilingual tour manager accompanies each group. Details for optional study excursions appear in each chapter. Excursions are organized by AIFS Study Abroad staff of travel experts. Optional excursions are subject to a minimum enrollment of 10 unless otherwise stated in the program chapter. If not achieved, AIFS reserves the right to cancel the tour. Additional outings may be organized during the program and students who wish to participate in such activities should budget an extra $150-$250. Once paid for in the U.S. the fee for optional excursions is non-refundable except in the event of cancellation.

AIFS handles arrangements for group visas as required for Russia. Information on visa requirements for other program sites will be detailed in predeparture information and can be found on-line.

A passport number and expiration date is needed for each visa application, so it is essential students have valid passports well in advance and meet enrollment deadlines. Visas for an entire group may be delayed if a student does not obtain a passport by the date AIFS specifies for certain programs.

Travelers not allowed to board at an airport because they do not have the correct or sufficient travel documents must assume all consequences. Failure to meet deadlines or obtain a visa does not constitute grounds for deviation from the standard refund policy.

Passports are required of everyone traveling outside the U.S. on AIFS programs. Non-U.S. citizens may be required to obtain visas to enter certain countries. For more information, check with the Washington, DC embassy for each country you will visit. Non-U.S. citizens are responsible for securing visas needed and must allow several weeks—or months—for this process.

Students should contact their doctor or Board of Health to see if immunizations are needed.