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Law Internships Abroad

AIFS Abroad Internships in Law.

Why a Law Internship Abroad is Right for You 

Gaining a profound understanding of Law within a global context is pivotal for your long-term career success. Our international Law internships are crafted to broaden your horizons while equipping you with vital professional skills. We tailor our internships abroad to align perfectly with your existing experience, educational background, and future aspirations.  

We advocate for a hands-on approach, urging employers to minimize “administrative tasks” and instead provide you with engaging and impactful projects. As a Law intern, you may find yourself immersed in diverse responsibilities, including legal research, drafting legal documents, case preparation, and more. Law remains one of our most popular and sought-after career fields, with internship opportunities available across many of our locations. 

AIFS Abroad student video.

Advantages of a Law Internship with AIFS Abroad

  • Stand out to employers with international Law work experience 
  • Professional development including interview coaching and career readiness program  
  • Guaranteed placement in a full-time internship  
  • Apply with two career fields, not just Law 
  • Customize your internship  
  • Academic credit through AIFS Abroad or your home university

Law Internship Placement Examples

AIFS Abroad has an excellent history of matching talented interns with top tier international companies. Our placement team is dedicated to finding the right employers for our interns based on their chosen career fields, skills, and interests. The following are just a few examples of internship placements that may be available.

Legal Internship with a Mediation NGO Program

This is a non-profit and court-annexed Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC) with locations in lower Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn. They have been in existence for over 30 years and are funded by the NYS Office of Court Administration and the Criminal Justice Coordinator’s Office. They offer free mediation and restorative justice services as well as fee-based training in dispute resolution processes.

Intern tasks may include:
– Assisting with cases
– Conducting research
– Using mediation skills
– Observing mediations
– Attending presentations and conferences

Legal Internship with Law Firm Focused in Start-Ups

Successful companies keep their start-up spirit alive at all stages of their business cycle. Whether you have just founded your business, started up your overseas operations or ventured into a new product market, this firm strives to help you weather the starting-up challenges. From seed financing, through to the selection of your strategic partners and negotiations with customers and suppliers, this company will be your trusted legal and strategic counsel.

Intern tasks may include:
– Drafting and/or reviewing legal notices and correspondence in English
– Assisting with revision of articles written by the firm and publishable in specialized magazines in the sector
– Drafting specialized articles comparing different legal systems
– Learning how to study and synopsis of legislative texts and/or articles in English related to subjects of interest to their study (civil and commercial law, cryptocurrencies, new technologies, intellectual property, etc.)

Business & Law Internship with an International Law Firm

This firm specializes in attending to the legal needs of international clients in Spain. They have a multilingual team of lawyers and paralegals, each of them with an international background and specializing in different areas of legal practice, all driven by the desire to make a positive impact on people and society through their work.

Policy and Research Internship with Juvenile Justice Organization

This organization is dedicated to preventing children and youth from becoming involved in the courts and upholding the highest standards of care when youth are charged with wrongdoing and enter the justice system. This coalition envisions a nation where fewer children are at risk of delinquency; and if they are at risk or involved with the justice system, they and their families receive every possible opportunity to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Intern tasks may include:

– Researching federal and state regulations governing the treatment and disposition of cases involving juveniles in the juvenile court
– Preparing periodic research summaries for staff as necessary or requested
– Fact-checking and revise a range of products to conform with organizational style requirements and to ensure accuracy
– Analyzing, synthesizing, and summarizing dense and complex information accurately, clearly, and within a short time-frame

Legal Research Internship with Irish Anti-Corruption Organization

This organization is the Irish chapter of the worldwide movement against corruption (defined as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain). It was founded in 2004 and is part of the only global organization dedicated to stopping corruption worldwide, working to create a "level playing field" for citizens, for business, for everyone. Its vision is an Ireland that is open and fair – and where entrusted power is used in the interest of everyone. Its mission is to empower people with the support they need to promote integrity and stop corruption in all its forms. It is independent of government, politically non-partisan, and non-profit making.

Intern tasks may include:
– Assisting with communications handling
– Participating in weekly casework meetings
– Legal research and analysis
– Operating case/data management systems
– Drafting, editing, and proofreading
– Assistance with fundraising efforts
– Assistance with event organization and management

Legal and Marketing Internship with International Legal Practice

In a complex global marketplace, this legal studio has developed creative legal solutions for clients throughout the world. For over two decades, they have helped local businesses develop their activities with international partners. They are the firm where law and business meet. Their main office is located in the historical center of Florence and collaborates globally throughout the EU and the United States. Furthermore, to support their clients who are expanding their business in China, the firm maintains a working collaboration in Shanghai with one of the most important Intellectual Property Consulting Groups in China. Thanks to the international network of professionals that they’ve cultivated over the years, they can provide clients with seamless and efficient cross-border services by working closely with partner counsels in foreign countries. They build relationships with clients based on trust and confidentiality while ensuring quality, speed, and reliability of service.

Intern tasks may include:

– Reviewing forms and collaboration agreements
– Helping to transfer client dates and agreements to a new database system
– Editing of social media content for relevant legal news
– Assisting with client meetings and editing of reports after clients meetings

Full Time Internship | Sydney Featured Image
Full Time Internship

7 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Sydney, Australia
Summer 2024
8 weeks From $8,490
Full Time Internship | Milan Featured Image
Full Time Internship

8 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Milan, Italy
Summer 2025
8 weeks From $8,790
Full Time Internship | Florence Featured Image
Full Time Internship

8 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Florence, Italy
Summer 2025
8 weeks From $8,690
Full Time Internship | Washington D.C. Featured Image
Full Time Internship

8 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Washington D.C., USA
Summer 2024
8 weeks
Full Time Internship | Florence Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Florence, Italy
Fall 2025
12 weeks From $10,490
Full Time Internship | Sydney Featured Image
Full Time Internship

7 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Sydney, Australia
Summer 2025
8 weeks From $8,990
Full Time Internship | Barcelona Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Barcelona, Spain
Spring 2026
12 weeks From $10,490
Full Time Internship | New York City Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
New York City, USA
Spring 2025
12 weeks From $10,990

Earn Credit For Your Internship Abroad

AIFS Abroad’s international internship program is designed to complement your college degree. You can earn college credits through your home institution, our school of record, or specific location-based opportunities.

How it Works

Step 1


Submit your application and start working with your Admissions Counselor. We will have an interview to learn about your career goals, educational background, and location preferences to ensure that you are a good candidate to intern abroad.

Step 2


Once your interview and application are complete, you’ll be cleared to apply. Your Admissions Counselor and our Placement Team will determine if we’re able to match you with a great host employer in your chosen destination. If accepted, this means we can guarantee you an internship within your career field.

Step 3


After acceptance, the next step is to simply enroll into the program with your initial deposit to secure your spot. Enrolling means you have officially decided to join the program and take on the challenge and thrill of living and becoming an intern abroad in a new city!

Step 4


Before you arrive in your host city, you will work one-on-one with your Program Advisor. They work with you on professional development, career advising and make sure you are ready to move and intern in your new home.

Step 5


We will start the match-making process and narrow down employers to a select few that you would be a great fit for. You’ll have a Skype or phone interview before you leave, so they can get to know you, and you can get to know them. If everything goes well, then your internship is confirmed! You’ll know where you’ll be interning and the role you’ll be walking into before you hop on the plane.

Step 6


When you’ve arrived in your city, you will meet the Location Coordinator and the other interns at your housing. Your internship will start soon after you’ve arrived and there will be social events and excursions throughout the course of your program. We strive to give you the independence you want with all the support and resources you need to be successful during your travel and internship.

Getting started is simple! In just a few steps, you’ll be on your way to building your resume and gaining critical hands-on experience. 

Note: The vast majority of our internship placements are unpaid.

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I think that every aspect of this program made my experience so great. For one, my host city was greater than I could have imagined it could be. It was so fun, charming, and inviting. I think that because it was on the smaller side it made exploring it more intimate and by the first 2 weeks you could really know your way around. Secondly, because my specific program was smaller, it was easier to connect with each of the fellow interns, and we all became very good friends in a short amount of time. I think it was the perfect amount of people. Lastly, the company that I worked for made me excited to come into work everyday and learn. I know that by talking to other interns, their jobs really made their experience as well.

Girl at Paris

I also want to give my thanks to AIFS Abroad and Global Experiences for such an outstanding program. With the help of these companies, I was able to earn academic credit at the College of Charleston while furthering my professional experience in an foreign city. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible international experience. Au revoir Paris, a la prochaine fois!

View of the beach in Barcelona, Spain.

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