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AIFS Study Abroad in Bridgetown, Barbados
Summer 2022
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Course Description

Course Code and Credits: SOC/HST 302 (4)
Course Title: Inward Stretch Outward Reach: Exploring the Contours of the Caribbean Past and Present
Course Description:
The richly diverse cultural expressions and identities of the Caribbean region present students with a rare opportunity to examine processes of socio-cultural change over time. As a crossroads culture, the Caribbean is home to multiple overlapping civilizations spanning the indigenous Kalinago and Taino population, European settlers, enslaved and liberated Africans from the Gold Coast of Africa to the central and southern Bantu speakers of the Kongo Angolan region. The region is the home of indentured laborers from India, China and Indonesia and has also attracted more recent migratory waves from Asia. The Caribbean is the site of varied diasporic cultures formed through generations of mobility, some forced and others voluntary. It is a spacewhere migration has been a pivotal livelihood strategy and the catalyst for the formation of incredibly hybrid cultural expressions. In our interdisciplinary exploration of the intellectual tradition of the region, students will gain insights into the importance of the Caribbean in the creation of the modern colonial world, and the forging of anti-colonial resistance to empire. Students will also explore some of the festive and sacred traditions as well as popular cultural forms that shape the contours of the contemporary Caribbean.