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Resources for Thoughtfully Processing Your Time Abroad and Your Return

Two students posing in front of a mountain landscape in Italy.

It’s common to have a period of adjustment when you return to from studying abroad. Similar to the culture shock you may have experienced in your host country you now have to re-acclimate yourself to your home surroundings. Often you have changed greatly during your time abroad and encountered things with which your friends and family have no point of reference. We have provided resources below for them to help you during this time.

The readjustment period for any study abroad student can be complex, and this is especially true for spring 2020 participants. We imagine you are feeling a wide range of emotions both at your return and the uncertainty of the global pandemic we are all navigating. The entire AIFS community is working hard to continue supporting students through this difficult time. We encourage you to download the “Navigating Uncertainty” guide below to continue reflecting on your time abroad and help to make meaning from your interrupted experience.

We will be offering opportunities to come together as a study abroad community and continue processing this experience. Your program’s Resident Director will be in touch with additional details on these offerings.

You are also welcome to connect with us at if would like to talk about your individual experiences, provide suggestions for how we can better support you through this process, and the lessons you learned from your time abroad. Below are some additional resources and tips to help you get started.

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Navigating Uncertainty: Resources for Thoughtfully Processing Your Time Abroad and Your Return