AIFS Capture the Culture Video Contest

We’re on the look out for videos that “capture the culture” and your experience abroad. Be creative! Whether it’s the elderly woman in Florence hanging her laundry on a clothesline, your first attempt at learning traditional Sardana style dance in Barcelona, or an excursion in the Costa Rican rainforest, we want to see whatever exemplifies what defined your trip overseas.

Videos can be staged, but we’d prefer to see candid moments. Ultimately, we just want to experience the essence of your time abroad and see the culture through your eyes!


Aside from being #AIFSfamous (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook), you just might win some awesome prizes!

Grand Prize
For Best Overall Video

$500 Amazon Gift Card

Category Prizes
One Winner Per Category

$50 Amazon Gift Card + AIFS Mystery Box



Best Overall Well-rounded, quintessential study abroad video



Squad Goals You and your study abroad pals experiencing things together and making memories of a lifetime
Tradition… Tradition! Cultural events, festivals, holidays, local activities
A Day in the Life Videos that capture the essence of your residence, homestay, classroom, campus life
City Life Clips of the hustle and bustle, popular places, urban happenings, landmarks, architecture
#WeAreAIFS Program excursions, trips, gatherings, activities, group outings, student/staff interactions
Creativity Use your artistic expression here! Anything that might not fit into other categories.
The People's Champ We’ll post our faves on Facebook and Instagram and the most popular wins!

  • No computerized effects or altered videos, please.
  • Video resolution must be at least 720p.
  • We love music in videos as much as the next person, but we prefer your entries be music-free.
  • Shaky footage is a bummer, so please try to have as steady of a hand as possible, or set up a tripod! There are great ways to get creative with mounting a camera or phone to record footage.
  • Videos should be no longer than 90 seconds. 60 seconds is preferred.

Deadline: May 31, 2017

The earlier you submit videos, the greater chance of being #AIFSFamous. Winners are announced mid-to-late Summer.

All videos must be accompanied by:

  • Your full name
  • Mailing address, phone number and e-mail address
  • Program date and location (ex: London Fall 2015)
  • Home school and state
  • A brief description of your video — please be as specific as possible (Big Ben in London, The Colosseum in Rome, etc.)
  • Instagram handle (aka your username aka @______, for those of you who are into Insta!)

Videos meeting all criteria may be submitted to Please write "AIFS Video Contest" in the subject line. You can also use Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube or any other secure video sharing site to send us the link to your video.

Please do not add music to your video. We want to be able to hear you loud and clear!

Please read these Terms & Conditions before submitting your entry.

Already submitted?

Videos that have already been submitted that meet the criteria will be automatically entered into the contest.

  • Videos may be used at any time in other AIFS Study Abroad marketing materials, including but not limited to: website and social media. Payment will only be awarded for category winning videos.
  • You may enter as many videos as you like, but only one prize will be awarded per student regardless of how many videos are used.
  • You may suggest a caption, but AIFS does not guarantee it will be used.
  • Videos must be in good taste.
  • Videos will not be returned and will become the property of AIFS.
  • Hint: Videos taken in places where AIFS Study Abroad conducts programs may have a greater chance of winning. Click here to see full list of AIFS programs.

Please email us at

Submit Your Video

Make sure your video is no longer than 10 minutes and you own the right to use all music & images on the video. Make sure your video does not containt inappropriate language, images, or sounds. 

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