Join the Alumni Advocate Program

As an Alumni Advocate, you can help spread the word about studying abroad at your university. Currently less than 10% of US college students study abroad, so share your experience and help us bring that number up!

How do I do that?

The Advocate program is a 3-tier program; do as much or as little as you’d like! Sign up here, then work on your tiers:

Tier 1: Post on Social Media
Talk about your experience online and tag @aifsabroad, then send us a screenshot and receive an AIFS alumni t-shirt!

Connect with us here:

Tier 2: Write a Review
Write a review of your program online at one of the following sites, then send us a screenshot or link and receive a 1:1 resume review with the Alumni Team!

Check out our handy guide on how to write a useful review article, then put it to use here:

Tier 3: Plan an Event
Plan and host a study abroad event on campus on in your community and send us a photo of the event to gain access to our e-portfolio guide and a personal in-depth review of the finished product with the Alumni Team!

Why should I do it?

  • Be a part of globalizing your campus
  • Relive your time abroad by sharing with other students and writing about your study abroad experience
  • Chance to work 1:1 with the Alumni Team to have your resume reviewed and get constructive feedback on ways to be best prepared for your job search

Who can sign up?

  • Full-time undergraduate students at a U.S. college or university, in good academic standing
  • AIFS program Alumnus/Alumna, who are financially cleared by AIFS