Study Abroad in St. Petersburg: Living Abroad

Visas–Very important!

The Russian government requires students to hold a valid visa for their period of study; AIFS will apply for the visa on behalf of students who apply to the program by the application deadline and submit all requested visa application materials, including original passports, by imposed deadlines. By April 1, applicants must possess a passport that will be valid for at least 18 months after the studentís return to the U.S. Students who do not meet this requirement may be ineligible to attend this program.

Applicants who apply for visas through AIFS will pay the visa application fee of $175 directly to AIFS (included in the program fee). Students who submit applications/visa materials after the deadlines may have to pay an expedited visa processing fee (an additional $200), or they may have to apply for the visa on their own if their application holds up the group. If a student is not prepared to have AIFS hold his or her passport from mid-April until receiving his/her airline ticket, the student will need to apply for his/her own visa. AIFS will send back the studentsí passports with their airline ticket approximately 5 days prior to departure. Students are strongly encouraged to travel from London to Russia and Russia to London with the AIFS group because of strict visa dates.

Because students will have a single-entry visa, they will not be able to leave Russia for the duration of the program.

Russian visa regulations and requirements are subject to constant change. Students will be given the most up to date information and advice upon acceptance.

Computer Access

Students are advised to bring a laptop computer to connect to the Internet since the residence has cable connections in all rooms and WiFi in the lobby.

Local transport

You will receive a transportation pass valid for the duration of the program (valid on the metro, bus, trolleybus and tram). Your Resident Director will give you your transportation pass during orientation.

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