Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Medical Spanish Immersion

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Study Abroad in Buenos Aires: Courses

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This course is intended for students who already have basic communication skills in Spanish. The general aim of the course is to extend students’ ability to communicate on a wider range of topics. Classes emphasize the active acquisition of grammatical structures and vocabulary.

MEDSPAN 555 (6) | Spanish for Health Professionals, Language Immersion Course

With the health profession in mind, the course objective is to improve Spanish-speaking patient interactions with their physicians. Course work includes specific medical vocabulary, cultural topics and lectures on local health care. By combining practical learning with real interactions in a clinical rotation setting, students will increase fluency, proficiency and cultural competency.

The language course at the Universidad de Belgrano will consist of both Spanish language instruction in the classroom and health care lectures. Additional hours will also be reflected through language usage in clinical rotation. Two levels of Spanish instruction are offered; students at the higher language level will be given advanced assignments to correspond with their degree of proficiency to augment their medical Spanish language acquisition. Through participation in this program, students earn a total of 6 U.S. semester credits. To be eligible, candidates must already have an Intermediate level of Spanish and will take a written placement test online.

Students are encouraged to apply early as enrollment is limited due to the clinical nature of the program.

Clinical Rotation at Hospital Británico and Its Benefits

While determining the specialty in your future career in medicine, shadowing a doctor is a great opportunity for field exploration. Subject to vacancies, students will be assigned to specific medical areas at Hospital Británico such as Pediatrics, Intensive Care Unit, Internal Medicine, Emergency Room, Orthopedics and Traumatology. Additionally, students will benefit from the calendar of events at the hospital, including Ateneos, Medical Grand Rounds. By the conclusion of the program, students will have built relationships with residents, service directors and other colleagues while gaining experience in the numerous medical and research environments.

Participation in this course will enhance your résumé and give you an advantage when applying for post-graduate programs or future employment.