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Study Abroad in Florence: Living Abroad

Housing and Meals

Student Apartment

  • Fully furnished
  • Share with other AIFS students
  • Centrally located
  • Cost of utilities is not included. Students pay a €290 fee to the landlord


  • 10 vouchers per week (five breakfasts plus five lunches or dinners excluding during excursions and school breaks with a total value of $1,700). Students can opt out for a reduced program fee.

Internet access is included in all AIFS housing in Florence

Cultural Activities

To help you get a true taste of Italian culture, AIFS staff organize an excellent program of cultural and social activities to complement the academic program and to enhance the educational experience. Many activities promote a way of learning through “hands-on” experience as well as integration with the local community to allow students to get the most from life in Florence. Most events are included in the program fee and only a few require a small supplementary fee. Examples of activities are:

Taste of Italy:

  • Italian cooking classes
  • Wine tastings
  • Pizza making classes
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Cheese tasting
  • Food and wine pairing
  • Gelato tasting tour discovering the best "gelaterie" in town

Visits and activities in town:

  • Main museums (such as Uffizi and Galleria dell’Accademia)
  • Guided tour of the African Portraits at the Uffizi Gallery
  • Concerts, operas and ballets at the theater
  • Oxfam Migrantour
  • Art and craft workshops

Boost your Italian language:

  • Dinners and events with Italians
  • Italian Buddy program (to give students the opportunity to connect with Italian friends)
  • Italian language “help desk” and language exchange with local students


  • AIFS soccer team

Day trips discovering treasures of Italy (including some mandatory classrelated field trips):

  • Pisa
  • Lucca
  • Cinque Terre
  • Tuscan farm
  • Fashion firm
  • Ferrari museum in Maranello
  • Parmesan and balsamic vinegar producer
  • Vespa factory (Piaggio museum)
  • The Carnival in Viareggio

Information on other attractive locations in Italy is made available to students.


Florence has an extensive public bus system to get to and from classes and housing. Many sites throughout the center of town are accessible by foot.


Volunteering Program

Over the last 25 years over 1,700 AIFS students have participated in the AIFS volunteer program, engaging in community service and leaving a mark in both students' personal and professional lives.

Volunteer work is offered to those who wish to take an active role in the local community. Placements are offered in a variety of different environments – schools, hospitals, museums, day cares, foster homes and fundraising associations. This is a great opportunity for students to improve their Italian language ability, to gain the confidence of the locals and to experience the heart and soul of Italian culture.

AIFS in Florence Resident Director, Academic Year and Semester Programs

AIFS Resident Director

Simona Michelotti

Phone: (+39) 055 1800

Laurea cum laude in Pedagogy at the University of Florence

Simona was born in Malta, but very soon moved to Italy.

She is used to say that her heart is divided between her love for Florence and the one for South Tyrol. She loves to every day walk through the Ponte Vecchio admiring the beauty of Florence, but she cannot stay too much far away from the breathtaking Dolomites mountains, where she hikes or snowshoeing according to the season.

She is also a wine lover and loves to cook for her friends and family, as a typical Italian!

Very soon she understood the importance of Study Abroad, when during High School, she spent a Summer in a College in Florida: a meaningful experience that somehow directed all her future choices.

Simona has been working full time for AIFS since 1998, covering different roles, such as Director of the Internship and Service Learning Program, Director of the Summer School and she also run a J-Term on the Dolomites. She is now the Dean of the Florence Program, although she refers to herself as an Educator who has the honor to prepare the ground field for unforgettable learning experiences and change the students' lives forever, exactly like it happened to her.

The Resident Director provides academic advice, introduces you to the community and handles communication with the University.

AIFS Global Education Center staff with first aid training

Because health and safety are top priorities at AIFS, at least one member of the staff at this campus has taken a first aid course in order to be available to help any student until a doctor or nurse can provide help. This is just one of many services that we provide to our students.

Download Study Abroad Resources!

Download Study Abroad Resources!

Download Study Abroad Resources!