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Museums & Galleries Internships Abroad

AIFS Abroad Internships in Museums and Galleries.

Why a Museums and Galleries Internship Abroad is Right for You 

Gaining a profound understanding of Museums and Galleries within a global context is pivotal for your long-term career success. Our international Museums and Galleries internships are crafted to broaden your horizons while equipping you with vital professional skills. We tailor our internships abroad to align perfectly with your existing experience, educational background, and future aspirations.  

We advocate for a hands-on approach, urging employers to minimize “administrative tasks” and instead provide you with engaging and impactful projects. As a Museums and Galleries intern, you may find yourself immersed in diverse responsibilities, including exhibit preparation, collections management, visitor services, and more. Museums and Galleries remains one of our most popular and sought-after career fields, with internship opportunities available across many of our locations. 

An AIFS Abroad Museums and Galleries Intern's Live video.

Advantages of a Museums and Galleries Internship with AIFS Abroad

  • Stand out to employers with international Museums and Galleries work experience 
  • Professional development including interview coaching and career readiness program  
  • Guaranteed placement in a full-time internship  
  • Apply with two career fields, not just Museums and Galleries 
  • Customize your internship  
  • Academic credit through AIFS Abroad or your home university

Museums & Galleries Internship Placement Examples

AIFS Abroad has an excellent history of matching talented interns with top tier international companies. Our placement team is dedicated to finding the right employers for our interns based on their chosen career fields, skills, and interests. The following are just a few examples of internship placements that may be available.

Museum Internship with a Children's Charity Museum

This Museum explores the history of a UK children’s charity and public art gallery. The museum, which continues today as the children’s charity, was established in 1739 to care for babies at risk of abandonment. Through partnership with an artist and composer, the vision was realized and their creative collaboration set the template for the ways in which the arts can support philanthropy. The museum is also home to an internationally important collection of materials relating to Handel and his contemporaries. The museum celebrates the ways in which artists of all disciplines have helped improve children’s lives for over 275 years through a dynamic program of exhibitions and events.

Intern tasks can include:
– Stewarding in the museum’s historic rooms and answering visitor enquiries
– Assisting with reception duties including selling tickets and shop items
– Undertaking visitor research
– Within the visitor engagement team as well as other departments assisting with assignments that vary and depend on current exhibitions, projects, and events
– Writing a book highlighting particular items within an exhibition
– Developing the museum’s Disabled Access policy and events
– Exploring potential funders for museum projects
– Helping with the Museum’s community nursery
– Researching the history of the Hospital in the museum’s archives

Volunteer Management Internship with an Art and Education Center

This is New York City’s premiere municipal creative arts & education center. They provide a way for companies and individuals to donate unneeded supplies to thousands of nonprofits, schools, and community groups with arts programming. This is a program of NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, in collaboration with NYC Departments of Education and Sanitation. Their goal is to make a larger impact on the global carbon footprint through sustainability practice in creativity.

Intern tasks may include:
– Recruiting and overseeing volunteer groups
– Assisting with individual volunteers and special needs groups

Operations Internship with Small Dublin Museum

This recently founded, multi-award-winning museum chronicles life in Dublin in the 20th Century – social, political, and cultural history – through an unusual and vast collection of photographs, objects, letters, and other ephemera. The museum places a strong emphasis on visitor experience, and most visitors are personally escorted through the collection by one of their tour guides.

Intern tasks may include:
– Assisting in the further development of the museum’s education program
– Supporting of archival projects
– Assisting in fundraising
– Researching for future exhibitions, tours, or publications
– Completing Public Relations tasks
– Managing all marketing platforms
– Performing guided tours

Curation Internship with a National Museum

This museum is an institution created for the recovery, custody, conservation and divulgation of the historical patrimony of the heroic gestures of a soldier in 1856-57, to retain them as part of the collective memory of the Costa Rican people through a range of activities and to promote the cultural development of Alajuela.

Intern tasks may include:

-Creating a museum guide for an archaeological collection
-Supporting the cataloging of articles of the collection (inventory items)
-Providing recommendations on the management of the collection

Museum Internship with a National Museum in Scotland

This museum is a 5-star visitor attraction and twice winner of the Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions “Best Visitor Experience” Award. They are based at one of the finest surviving examples of a Victorian colliery in Europe, the Lady Victoria Colliery at Newtongrange, just nine miles south of Edinburgh. Visitors to the museum will marvel at the sheer size of the place, be astounded by the engineering brilliance behind all the machinery, and retrace the footsteps and struggles of the thousands of miners and their families before them.

Intern tasks can include:
– Working with volunteers to carry out an inventory, condition check, review, and research of our collection of items, so we can produce an in-depth document, clearly showing the items historical context and functionality
– Maintaining the collections database
– Completing research
– Providing support to the Education Manager or Events and Marketing Manager on events and workshops as these arise
– Working with accession items (officially documenting new objects into the Museum’s collection) to gain a broad understanding of the processes of documentation, object research, packaging and storage. Again, training would be given for this.
– Shadowing the Curator and Assistant Curator so as to meet other museum professionals and gain an understanding of multi-organization working across the sector (Industrial Museums Scotland/Volunteer Organizers Network/Lothians Museum Forum or others as appropriate)
– Supporting the work of organizing and accessioning our maps/plans collection. Training will be given.

Museum Internship with one of Europe's Oldest Football Clubs

A warm welcome awaits you at this museum. Extensively researched and curated, their welcoming museum is run by a team of volunteer historians. The exhibitions tell the story of the history of the club via graphics, historic objects, and video. Visitors are encouraged to come and spend some time in the museum and talk to historians; entry is free, with an opportunity to donate to the upkeep of this unique attraction at the stadium.

Intern tasks can include:
– Assessment of historic paper records
– Inspecting condition of paper records
– Recommending treatment(s) of records
– Updating CMS with Condition / Conservation details
– Working with onsite objects in storage (labelling items)
– Classifying objects in CMS
– Inputting new or update existing objects
– Recording attributes against objects as appropriate

Full Time Internship | London Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
London, England
Fall 2025
12 weeks From $12,490
Full Time Internship | London Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
London, England
Spring 2026
12 weeks From $12,490
Full Time Internship | Edinburgh Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Edinburgh, Scotland
Fall 2024
12 weeks From $11,490
Full Time Internship | New York City Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
New York City, USA
Spring 2026
12 weeks From $11,490
Full Time Internship | Paris Featured Image
Full Time Internship

8 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Paris, France
Summer 2024
8 weeks From $8,490
Full Time Internship | San Jose Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
San Jose, Costa Rica
Fall 2024
12 weeks From $8,490
Full Time Internship | Paris Featured Image
Full Time Internship

12 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Paris, France
Spring 2025
13 weeks From $11,990
Full Time Internship | Dublin Featured Image
Full Time Internship

8 Week Internship

Optional Credit Available
Dublin, Ireland
Summer 2024
8 weeks From $8,990

Earn Credit For Your Internship Abroad

AIFS Abroad’s international internship program is designed to complement your college degree. You can earn college credits through your home institution, our school of record, or specific location-based opportunities.

How it Works

Step 1


Submit your application and start working with your Admissions Counselor. We will have an interview to learn about your career goals, educational background, and location preferences to ensure that you are a good candidate to intern abroad.

Step 2


Once your interview and application are complete, you’ll be cleared to apply. Your Admissions Counselor and our Placement Team will determine if we’re able to match you with a great host employer in your chosen destination. If accepted, this means we can guarantee you an internship within your career field.

Step 3


After acceptance, the next step is to simply enroll into the program with your initial deposit to secure your spot. Enrolling means you have officially decided to join the program and take on the challenge and thrill of living and becoming an intern abroad in a new city!

Step 4


Before you arrive in your host city, you will work one-on-one with your Program Advisor. They work with you on professional development, career advising and make sure you are ready to move and intern in your new home.

Step 5


We will start the match-making process and narrow down employers to a select few that you would be a great fit for. You’ll have a Skype or phone interview before you leave, so they can get to know you, and you can get to know them. If everything goes well, then your internship is confirmed! You’ll know where you’ll be interning and the role you’ll be walking into before you hop on the plane.

Step 6


When you’ve arrived in your city, you will meet the Location Coordinator and the other interns at your housing. Your internship will start soon after you’ve arrived and there will be social events and excursions throughout the course of your program. We strive to give you the independence you want with all the support and resources you need to be successful during your travel and internship.

Getting started is simple! In just a few steps, you’ll be on your way to building your resume and gaining critical hands-on experience. 

Note: The vast majority of our internship placements are unpaid.

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I think that every aspect of this program made my experience so great. For one, my host city was greater than I could have imagined it could be. It was so fun, charming, and inviting. I think that because it was on the smaller side it made exploring it more intimate and by the first 2 weeks you could really know your way around. Secondly, because my specific program was smaller, it was easier to connect with each of the fellow interns, and we all became very good friends in a short amount of time. I think it was the perfect amount of people. Lastly, the company that I worked for made me excited to come into work everyday and learn. I know that by talking to other interns, their jobs really made their experience as well.

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I also want to give my thanks to AIFS Abroad and Global Experiences for such an outstanding program. With the help of these companies, I was able to earn academic credit at the College of Charleston while furthering my professional experience in an foreign city. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible international experience. Au revoir Paris, a la prochaine fois!

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