Capture the Culture Video Contest

Deadline: June 3rd, 2019

We’re on the look out for videos that capture your experience abroad. We want to see the essence of your time abroad + the culture through your eyes!

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Aside from being #AIFSfamous (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook), you just might win some awesome prizes!

Grand Prize - For Best Overall Video:


Amazon Gift Card

1st Runner Up - For Best Overall Video:


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Category Winners:

$75 each

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program excursions, trips, gatherings, activities, group outings, student/staff interactions

City Life

clips of the hustle and bustle, popular places, urban happenings, landmarks, architecture

The People's Champ

we’ll post our faves on Facebook and the most popular wins!

Squad Goals

use your artistic expression here! Anything that might not fit into other categories

A Day in the Life

capture the essence of your residence, homestay, classroom, campus life

How to Enter + Rules:

Deadline: June 3rd, 2019

How to enter:

The earlier you submit videos, the greater chance of being #AIFSFamous. Winners are announced mid-to-late Summer. Please do not add music to your video. We want to be able to hear you loud and clear!


Videos may be used at any time in other AIFS Study Abroad marketing materials, including but not limited to: website and social media. Payment will only be awarded for category winning videos.

You may enter as many videos as you like, but only one prize will be awarded per student regardless of how many videos are used.

You may suggest a caption, but AIFS does not guarantee it will be used.

Videos must be in good taste.

Videos will not be returned and will become the property of AIFS.

Hint: Videos taken in places where AIFS Study Abroad conducts programs may have a greater chance of winning. See full list of AIFS programs →

Please note no previously submitted videos will be considered.


- Video resolution must be at least 720 dpi

- We love music in videos as much as the next person, but we prefer your entries be music-free.

- Shaky footage is a bummer, so please try to have as steady of a hand as possible, or set up a tripod! There are great ways to get creative with mounting a camera or phone to record footage.