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Study Abroad in Istanbul: Courses

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AIFS students at Bogaziçi University can choose courses from the full curriculum of over 250 courses. The courses listed below are a small selection of those available. For a full and current list of courses, please visit the Bogazici university website.

Some courses have prerequisites. Recommended credits are shown in parentheses.

Fall Semester Courses

Economics/ EC 361 (3) | International Economics

Studies the basis for the trade and patterns of specialization and exchange in the classical and neo-classical models of trade. The effect of trade on relative and absolute factor prices and the effects of growth on trade are examined.

Economics/EC 411 (3) | History of Economic Thought

This course is devoted to a retrospective analysis of major schools of economic thought in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The first part of the course focuses on Pre-Adamite economics with special emphasis on Mercantilism and Physiocracy. This is followed by a systematic examination of the theories of outstanding classical economists such as Smith, Ricardo and Malthus.

Political Science/POLS 317 (3) | Politics and Society in the Middle East

General introduction to histories, peoples and politics of the Middle East. Discusses colonialism, imperialism, orientalism, state, institutions, popular culture, nationalism, democratization, political Islam, patriarchy and social movements.

Sociology/SOC 435 (3) | Contemporary Issues in Turkey

This class aims to review and discuss some of the significant issues in the current sociological and anthropological literature including theories and critiques of modernity, nation and nation state building, roles of the state and the ways it is imagined, public culture and cultural identity, politics of memory, the neoliberal turn and neo-liberalization processes, gender identities and sexual relations, the global city, slums, and urban transformation regarding developments in Turkey especially in the post-1980 term.

Turkish Language/TKL 101 (4) | Ottoman Turkish

Covers rules and practices of Turkish spelling in both old and modern texts and also develops proficiency in reading Ottoman Turkish in print. Attention will be devoted to differences in writing between Turkish words and words of Arabic and Persian origin.

Turkish Language/TKF 111 (4) | Elementary Turkish for Foreigners

This course aims to provide new learners of Turkish with not only the basic grammatical structure of the language but also certain structures necessary for fluent communication.

Turkish Language/TKF 211 (4) | Intermediate Turkish for Foreigners

This course is designed for students who have studied elementary Turkish. It aims to provide practice and knowledge of Turkish through the study of grammatical exercises.

Spring Semester Courses

Economics/EC 344 (3) | Money, Banking and Financial Institutions

Definitions of money, determinants of supply of, and demand for, money; central banking, commercial banking and other financial intermediaries, monetary policy.

Economics/EC 470 (3) | Turkish Economy

Economic organization in, and resources of, Turkey; structure and trends in income, production, population, finance and trade; evolution of economic policy.

History/HIST 221(3) | Early and Medieval Turkic History

A survey of the early and medieval Turkic people and the various societies and cultures with which they interacted across Eurasia from the 6th to the 13th century. Topics include trade, language, sovereignty, nomadism, religious conversion and artistic expression.

History/HIST 222 (3) | Ottoman History: The Classical Period

A history of the Ottoman state from 1300 to 1600, from its birth as a frontier state through the development of its classical institutions and civilization. Emphasis is on political and intellectual development.

History/HIST 241 (3) | Western European Mediterranean and Islamic Civilizations (From Antiquity to the End of the Middle Ages)

Cultures in contact and in conflict. Historical processes in the transition from ancient to medieval society, economy, politics, religion and culture.

History/HIST 242 (3) | Western Societies’ Politics and Cultures: Renaissance to the Modern Era

Issues in European history from 1400 to 1600: Imitation of Ancient Greek and Roman culture leading to a new synthesis in politics, culture and the intellectual world of the early modern period.

History/HIST 321 (3) | Late Ottoman History

A continuation to HIST 222, this course aims at an understanding of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, change and transformation of the “classical” system and of reform and modernization attempts until the beginning of the twentieth century.

History/HIST 322 (3) | History of Modern Turkey

Study of the intellectual foundations of Modern Turkey. Analysis of the main political, social, economic and cultural currents in the Republican era. Discusses nation state and nationalism as a major force in Turkey.

Additional Courses

All courses are taught in English unless otherwise stated. The following are sample courses from over 250 courses which may be offered at Bogaziçi University. Many more courses are available than are listed here. For a full list of courses and prerequisites, please visit the Bogazici university website. Please note that some courses have prerequisites.

Biology and Genetics
BIO 252 Genetics (3)
BIO 301 Biochemistry (3)
BIO 332 Techniques in Biological Research (3)
BIO 351 Microbiology (3)

CHEM 318 Survey of Textile Chemistry (3)
CHEM 351 Physical Chemistry (3)
CHEM 413 Medicinal Chemistry (3)

HIST 337 Byzantine Art and Architecture (3)
HIST 351 Art and Architecture of the Islamic World (3)
HIST 417 Economic History of the 20th Century (3)
HIST 426 History of the Middle East in the 20th Century (3)

MATH 327 Number Theory (3)
MATH 336 Numerical Analysis (3)
MATH 343 Probability (3)
MATH 411 Mathematical Logic (3)

PHYS 306 Introduction to Metrology (3)
PHYS 311 Modern Physics 1 (3)
PHYS 345 Classical Astronomy (3)
PHYS 371 Modern Physics for Engineers (3)

PSY 326 Human Memory (3)
PSY 338 Psychology of Adolescence (3)
PSY 363 Abnormal Psychology (3)
PSY 467 Health Psychology (3)

SOC 324 Power and Inequality (3)
SOC 345 Politics, Religion and Social Change (3)
SOC 368 Understanding Health and Healing (3)
SOC 443 Class and State in the Middle East (3)