Business and Politics in the European Union, Travel

Business & Politics in the E.U.: Courses

Course Description

A specialist in European affairs accompanies the group throughout. The program includes visits of interest to students of finance, marketing, economics and political science.

INB 5700 (3 credits)
The European Union: Business and Politics

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to current economic, commercial, financial and political developments within the European Union (EU). It provides an overview of the institutional and regulatory framework within the EU. Emphasis is placed on a consideration of the future of the European Union, the single currency and the scope and direction of European integration. The course investigates the institutions of the EU, its decision-making and administrative machinery and the factual process of European integration in the light of various theories of integration which explain European integration. Furthermore, this course focuses on core topics involving commercial practices and strategies as well as trade and finance in Europe.

By the end of the course students will have:

  • Understood the origins of the EU, its history and development to the point of enlargement and the U.K.ís decision to exit
  • Developed an insight and understanding of the institutions and political organizations of the EU
  • Learned how business and trade are financed and conducted both internally and externally by the organizations of the EU
  • Understood the impact of the social and cultural influences brought about by the enlargement of the EU

The program consists of approximately 30 hours of formal classroom lectures, plus approximately 50 hours spent on field trips. Three semester credits are awarded. Students are responsible for reading and analyzing assigned problems and cases after the related topics have been explained. To meet requirements for 3 credits, students must complete a term paper together with a mid-term exam in Paris and a final exam in Berlin.

Prerequisites: MGT 4200 Introduction to Business and ECN 4110 Introduction to Macroeconomics or equivalent. Please visit for details on prerequisites