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European Art & Culture: Academics

Fairfield University

Academic credit for the program is awarded by Fairfield University. Fairfield University is a private Jesuit university founded in 1942 in Fairfield, Connecticut, well known for their commitment to international education. Fairfield is a fully accredited university and member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

In 2020 Fairfield and AIFS partnered to develop a school of record relationship that will allow academic credit to be available for both Fairfield and non-Fairfield students.

Course syllabi and faculty credentials are reviewed and approved by Fairfield University.

Academic Overview and Policies

Attendance at all lectures and site visits is mandatory.

Grades No AIFS participant is permitted to take a course without receiving a letter grade. Pass/Fail grade options are not available.

Transcripts are issued by Fairfield University. An official transcript will be sent directly to the student’s home university on completion of the program.

Course Description

AHST 330 (3)
European Art, Culture and Society

This course is a contextual introduction to European art, architecture and cultural history. Supplementing classroom-based learning with extensive visits to museums, galleries and places of historical interest it offers a survey of art in Europe over the last two centuries and gives students an opportunity to see for themselves many of the works studied. Beginning with the art of Antiquity, onto the Medieval World, the Renaissance, Enlightenment, Impressionism, Modernism, Cubism, Futurism, Dada & Surrealism the course enables students to recognize and critically analyze art movements and styles and understand how they both shape and are shaped by the society and era in which they are created.


Download Study Abroad Resources!

Download Study Abroad Resources!

Download Study Abroad Resources!