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Study Abroad in Salamanca: Courses

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Most courses meet for 45 contact hours and are recommended for 3 credits (shown in parentheses). These courses are a sample of those offered on the AIFS programs at the University of Salamanca and courses may change at the discretion of the university.

Students should consult with their university advisors prior to participating in the program in order to have course credit pre-approved and ensure that they are taking the appropriate amount of credits. AIFS advises students taking a Spanish language course to gain pre-approval for several levels of Spanish in order to ensure that they receive credit for the course they test into following the Spanish language placement test.

Optional Early Start: Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Preparation Program

Students wishing to kick start their Spanish can choose to arrive in Salamanca before the regular semester begins and take an intensive Spanish language course with 50 contact hours and for an additional 3 credits. The Early Start course is mandatory for Spring students wishing to take the Integrated Studies with Spaniards Program.
Spanish 102 (3)
Intensive Elementary Spanish

Spanish 202 (3)
Intensive Intermediate Spanish

Spanish 302 (3)
Intensive Advanced Spanish

Spanish 402 (3)
Intensive Superior Spanish

Optional Internship in Education $550

Teaching Internship (3)
Students with an interest in a teaching career will have the opportunity to work in a local Spanish school assisting teachers and tutoring students in English language classes. Students also take up to 3 courses from their chosen academic program. Students must place into Upper Intermediate level Spanish or above. Upon completion of the internship, students will present an internship diary and give an oral presentation.

Spanish and International Studies Program

For students with an Intermediate, Advanced and Superior level of Spanish. Students on this program can choose up to 5 courses. Spring semester Early Start students with Advanced/Superior language level can choose to take 1 or 2 semester courses (within the 5 course maximum) from the Integrated Studies Program. Permission to enroll in these classes can only be granted once on campus after an interview and flexibility in course choice is essential as there may be scheduling conflicts.


Spanish 303 (3)
Lengua Española–Intermedio/Intermediate Spanish Grammar

Spanish 315 (3) spring only
Español de los Negocios/Business Spanish

Spanish 317 (3)
Conversación y Redacción/Spanish Conversation and Composition

Spanish 328 (3) fall only
Español Médico/Medical Spanish

This course aims to develop the skills necessary for proper communication in the medical and health fields. Students will learn terms and vocabulary as well as the structures and themes that would be confronted daily in medicine and health care.

Spanish 403 (3)
Lengua Española–Avanzado/Advanced Spanish Grammar

Spanish 415 (3)
Lengua Española – Superior/Superior Spanish Grammar

Art 307 (3)
Cine Español e Hispanoamericano/Spanish and Latin American Film

A study of Spanish and Latin American films as well as an analysis of the narrative mechanisms that define cinema as a distinct artistic expression. Different aspects of Hispanic Culture will be discussed.

Art 310 (3) spring only
Cine, Prensa y Televisión en España/Mass Media in Spain

This course will examine the importance of the media (press and television) in the diffusion of the Spanish reality as well as the influence it has had in the formation of political and cultural opinion.

Art 311 (3) fall only
Arte Español: Desde los Orígenes hasta el Renacimiento/Spanish Art - Origins to Middle Ages

A chronological analysis of distinct cultures and artistic tendencies as well as their most outstanding examples will be studied: pre-Roman art, Roman art, Muslim art, Mozarabic art, Romanesque art and Gothic art.

Art 312 (3) spring only
Arte Español: Desde el Renacimiento hasta la Actualidad/Spanish Art Renaissance to Present
This course addresses Spanish renaissance art through the successive Baroque and Neoclassical tendencies. An analysis of contemporary artists such as Picasso, Dalí and of their greatest works is a faithful reflection of Spanish art in the 20th century.

History 307 (3) fall only
Historia de España: Desde la Época Medieval hasta la Época de los Austrias Mayores/History of Spain – Middle Ages to the 16th Century

This course begins with an examination of the most relevant events of the period as well as the social and economic context in which they take place. The second part of the course will focus on the 15th century and the era of the Catholic Monarchs.

History 309 (3)
La Mujer en la Historia de España/Women in Contemporary Spanish History

This course covers the role of women during the 20th century including the Civil War, the Franco regime, the Transition and finally, women’s role in today’s Spain. These issues will be analyzed through literature, philosophy and the artistic world.

History 311 (3) spring only
Historia de España: Desde los Austrias Menores hasta la Actualidad/History of Spain - 17th Century to Present

This course covers the reign of Felipe III, Felipe IV, Carlos II and the decline of the empire through to the crisis of the monarchy, Civil War, Francoism, the Transition as well as the social, economic and cultural context of Spain in present day.

Literature 305 (3) fall only
Literatura Española/Poetry, Theater and Novel in Spanish Literature of the 20th Century

The chronological presentation of the various literary movements serves as an overview of Spanish literature of the 20th century. The development of the genres will be studied through acclaimed authors and representative texts.

Literature 306 (3) spring only
Literatura Hispanoamericana/Contemporary Latin American Literature

This course will examine the most indicative authors of contemporary Latin American literature and the relation of their work to the social and cultural context of the period through selected texts.

Sociology 305 (3)
Cultura Española/Spanish Culture and Civilization

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the Spanish culture and way of life with topics including: geography, politics and history, as well as customs, behaviors, and values that form the Spanish character.

Sociology 320 (3)
El Mundo Árabe en el Mundo Hispánico/The Arab Influence on the Hispanic World

The course is divided into four sections: the Arab and the Hispanic world throughout history; the Arab element in the birth of the Spanish language; an analysis of medicine, philosophy and science; Arab architecture in Spain referencing the different historical and artistic periods.


Spanish 330 (3)

With a textbook written especially for this class, Intermediate Level students will learn and perfect the skills necessary for translating English into Spanish as well as improve their command of both formal and colloquial Spanish.

Spanish 340 (3)
Fonética/Spanish Phonetics

This course examines the authentic Spanish accent by studying intonation, pronunciation and rhythm, as well as Spanish and English vowel/consonant differences. Emphasis is on problems non-native Spanish speakers confront.


Economics/Political Science 311 (3)
Economy of the European Union

Introduction to the history, political institutions and political economy of the European Union. The class compares and contrasts the Union’s institutional arrangements and its political economy to that of the United States.

Economics/Political Science 315 (3)
Current Spain: Economic History from Franco to Present

This course will analyze the different parameters involved in Spain’s transition and development from dictatorship to democracy from a political and economic perspective.

Economics 317 (3)
International Marketing

Companies today are challenged to adapt their products to different countries with their special requirements and customs. Marketing specialists must be prepared to deal with the differences and to generate strategies accordingly. The fundamentals of International Marketing will be studied via marketing theory, but also through examination of different cases and examples that illustrate the actual situation of international companies today.

Sociology 315 (3)
Spanish Culture

In-depth study of the foundation of Spanish culture. Lessons will be based on the descriptions of the main aspects of Spanish life and culture from an intercultural perspective.

International Business Studies Program

All courses below are taught in English apart from Spanish 405. Choose up to 5 courses; a minimum of 3 must be from the Business Program. Students with an Intermediate and above level of Spanish can choose 2 courses from the Spanish and International Studies Program. Spring semester, Early start students placing into Superior language level can choose to take 1 or 2 courses (within the 5 course maximum) from the Integrated Studies Program. Permission to enroll in these classes can only be granted once on campus after an interview and flexibility in course choice is essential as there may be scheduling conflicts.

Business 319 (3)
E-Commerce and Social Media Marketing

This course analyzes the characteristics of electronic commerce and its impact on business performance. Participants will learn from the basics of theory as well as from a wide range of case studies, work projects, illustrative examples and computer simulations.

Economics 309 (3)
International Business

This course aims to increase students’ knowledge of international business systems focusing on the challenges and opportunities businesses will face over the next decade, particularly in newly industrialized countries.

Economics/Political Science 311 (3)
Economy of the European Union

See Spanish and International Studies Program courses for course description.

Economics 312 (3)
Business Ethics

This course analyzes the main philosophically relevant questions that instigate the conversation and ongoing disagreement among academic business ethicists systems.

Economics 313 (3)
International Finance

This course addresses international finance in a globalized market including the examination of international banking and political risk management, the effects of globalization on financial crashes, financial regulation and market efficiency.

Economics/Political Science 315 (3)
Current Spain: Economic History from Franco to Present

See Spanish and International Studies Program for course description.

Economics 317 (3)
International Marketing

See Spanish and International Studies Program courses for course description.

Spanish 405 (3)
Español con Fines Profesionales (test BULATS)/Spanish for Professionals

This course has a minimum language level requirement of Intermediate. The course will focus on comprehension of written and oral texts of a professional or economic nature and interaction and communication in professional situations.

Integrated Studies with Spaniards Program (Spring + Early Start only)

Eligible students must have placed into Superior level Spanish. The Early Start Program is mandatory. Choose up to 5 electives combining integrated courses with courses from the Spanish and International Studies Program. The courses listed below for this program are a small sample. Students interested in this program should contact the AIFS Admissions Officer for further subject and course details.

Art 405 (3)
Arte Español Contemporáneo/Contemporary Spanish Art

Beginning with the Vanguard and its different artistic manifestations this course studies Picasso, J. Gris, Miró and Dalí within the European context that nurtured them.

Art 415 (3)
Historia del Arte Contemporáneo Español/History of Contemporary Spanish Art

The study of Spanish art of the 19th and 20th century in its historical context, general characteristics and its contrast with European artistic tendencies.

Economics 474 (3)
Economía de América Latina/Economy of Latin America

The situation and transformation as well as the economic structure and economic systems of the many emerging economies in Latin America.

History 417 (3)
Historia Contemporánea de España/Contemporary History of Spain

The framework of the most relevant political, economic, social and cultural processes in contemporary Spain. The period studied encompasses the crisis of the former regime at the beginning of the 19th century up to the present.

History 421 (3)
Historia de España Siglo XX/History of 20th Century Spain

The recent history of Spain – the Bourbon Restoration, Second Republic, Francoism, democratic transition and the historical situation of Spain today.

Literature 426 (3)
Literatura General de España/Spanish Literature

The history of Spanish literature from the Middle Ages to today, approaching the study of the most significant works of different genres and authors.

Literature 427 (3)
Literatura Hispanoamericana del Siglo XX/20th Century Hispano-American Literature

Selected writers are studied within cultural and literary contexts. Genres covered are pre-1940 (from the end of the 19th century to the Vanguard) to the Post-Vanguard and New Novel. Authors studied vary.

Political Science 434 (3)
Sistema Político Español/Spanish Political System

An introduction to the Spanish political system in all of its dimensions – concepts, approaches and methodologies.

Sociology 451 (3)
Estructura Social de España/Social Structure of Spain

Contemporary Spain from a sociological point of view, addressing the major challenges and future of Spanish society.

Spanish Language and Culture Program (Fall only)


Spanish grammar is required. Then choose up to 3 electives.

Spanish 204 (6) (required)
Spanish Grammar

This course focuses on greetings, introductions and farewells, as well as giving information about one’s self. Interrogatives, verb use and pronouns are also introduced.

Spanish 206 (3)
Spanish Vocabulary Development

Increasing word acquisition is the goal. Students learn new words and develop the ability to make connections and semantic fields, taking advantage of patterns and processes.

Spanish 208 (3)
Spanish Language Laboratory

To reinforce language classes, this individualized practice in grammar, vocabulary and phonetics gives more varied input set at the student’s own pace.

Spanish 210 (3)
Spanish Conversation and Composition

This course bridges the gap between knowledge of a language and its actual use. Experiences encountered outside the classroom are simulated e.g. asking for a coffee and going to the doctor.


Elementary level students may opt to take the following courses in English if scheduling permits.

Economics/Political Science 311 (3)
Economy of the European Union

This course will focus on the origins, development and current issues within the European Union from a political and economic perspective.

Economics/Political Science 315 (3)
Current Spain: Economic History from Franco to Present

See Spanish and International Studies Program courses for course description.

Economics 317 (3)
International Marketing

An introduction to international marketing dealing with topics such as: business in a global economy and the role of media and advertising in a consumer-oriented society.

Sociology 315 (3)
Spanish Culture and Civilization

See Spanish and International Studies Program courses for course description.


Students are required to take a 6-credit Spanish grammar course (Spanish 311, 321 or 405) and up to 9 credits in electives. Please note that courses in the same section are offered at the same time. Only one course may be chosen from each section. All courses are taught in Spanish.


Spanish 311 (6)
Intensive Intermediate Spanish Grammar

This class expands and improves students’ dominance of grammatical and lexical aspects of Spanish linguistics with focus on function and communication.

Spanish 321 (6)
Intensive Advanced Spanish Grammar

This class examines the indicative tenses, the use of the subjunctive, verbal periphrases, using “se” and the problems of certain prepositions such as “a”, “de”, “desde”, “por”, “para”, etc. Problems of prepositional verbs are addressed.

Spanish 405 (6)
Intensive Superior Spanish Grammar

An in-depth examination of specific and complex grammar issues provides students with greater sophistication in their language usage. Further attention will be devoted to strategies in writing and linguistic register.


Spanish 317 (3)
Conversación y Redacción/Spanish Conversation and Composition

This course aims to develop skills in both the written and spoken expression through the analysis and production of different types of written text (reports, letters, notes, curricula) and oral texts (dialogs, presentations, debates).

History 303 (3)
Historia de España/Political History of Contemporary Spain

Different historical aspects of the 20th century in Spain will be presented to further students’ understanding of the repercussion of significant historical moments lived by the Spanish in recent years.


Spanish 319 (3)
Destrezas Orales/Spanish Oral Skills

This class aims to develop students’ listening and speaking skills in a wide variety of situations. There is a special focus on tailoring language usage for each specific situation, improving fluency, and deploying appropriate communicative strategies.

Literature 307 (3)
Literatura Española e Hispanoamericana/Spanish and Latin American Contemporary Literature

This class is the study of the principal Spanish and Latin American authors of the 20th century and their relation to the social and cultural context of each corresponding era.

Sociology 307 (3)
Cultura Española/Spanish Culture and Civilization

See Spanish and International Studies Program for course description.


Spanish 320 (3)
Destrezas Escritas/Spanish Writing Skills

The skill of writing is learned through comprehension and production of different text types (narrative, descriptive, argumentative, formal letter-writing, and others). Students will learn how to search for ideas, plan, outline and compose written texts.

Art 309 (3)
Arte Español/Spanish Art

This course aims to provide an understanding of the principal tendencies of Spanish art throughout history as well as an analysis of the most outstanding works of art (pictorial, sculptural and architectural) of Spanish heritage.

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS Spain programs!

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS Spain, Salamanca programs!