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Living Abroad

AIFS Resident Director, Summer Program

AIFS Resident Director

Julia García

Phone: (34) 607 432 743

¡Hola! I have been working with AIFS since 1985 and as Director of the Salamanca Summer School since 1998. I received my degree from the University of Salamanca, so I am very familiar with where you will be studying! I also studied abroad; spending a summer in San Francisco.

In my spare time I love traveling and continue to enjoy comparing different cultures. I have traveled around Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and USA. My favorite aspect of being Resident Director is watching students adapt and transform during the program. Salamanca is the perfect size to quickly become your new home. Everyone loves the famous Plaza Mayor with its sandstone arches and lively atmosphere with people chatting, enjoying the sun (and the stars) or watching the world go by while indulging in an ice cream.

You can find me in the AIFS office, located in the heart of Salamanca, next to the vibrant Plaza Mayor and a 5-minute walk from the university. I'll be ready to assist you to experience one of the most rewarding summers of your life!

The Resident Director provides academic advice, introduces you to the community and handles communication with the University.

AIFS Campus Staff with First Aid Training

Because health and safety are top priorities at AIFS, at least one member of the staff at this campus has taken a first aid course in order to be available to help any student until a doctor or nurse can provide help. This is just one of many services that we provide to our students.

Housing and Meals


Living with a Spanish family is often the highlight of the study abroad experience. It provides the opportunity for full immersion in the local culture and language and is the best way to improve your Spanish skills.

  • Shared room with another student
  • 3 meals a day
  • Single rooms available for a supplement of $145/Session 1, $185/Session 2, $330/Sessions 1+2 Combined

Optional Apartment

Share an apartment for a supplement of $195/Session 1, $245/Session 2, $440/Session 1+2 Combined. Apartments are very limited and available on a first come first served basis.

  • Double rooms
  • May be co-ed
  • One cleaning service per week
    Single room available for $345/Session 1, $395/Session 2, $740/Sessions 1+2 Combined

Internet access is included in all AIFS housing in Salamanca

Cultural Activities

Learning does not begin or end in the classroom. To help you get a true taste of Spanish culture, a wide range of cultural activities and excursions are included in your program fee. The Resident Director organizes a variety of activities which usually include:

  • Welcome dinner
  • Spanish cooking class
  • Professionally guided tour of Salamanca – to help you get to know more about where you will be living
  • “Tapas” tour
  • Boating on the river
  • Horseback riding (extra fee)
  • Open air jazz concerts
  • Chocolate con churros in the Plaza Mayor
  • Visit to the Jeronimus Cathedral tower for a bird’s eye view of the city
  • Salsa lesson and Flamenco lesson
  • Discover treasures around the town and savor “holy” sweets made by cloister nuns
  • Theater in a cave
  • Swimming pool day
  • Visit to the Casa Lis Art Nouveau, Art Deco Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Modern Art and to the bullfighting ring in Salamanca
  • Flamenco performance
  • Evening music concerts in the Plaza Mayor
  • Fireworks by the river (in June)
  • Farewell dinner

Please note that students may pay a small additional fee for some of the activities above.

Download Study Abroad Resources!

Download Study Abroad Resources!

Download Study Abroad Resources!