Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

Courses - January Term 2020

History/Religion/Sociology 310 (3 credits) | Spanish and Islamic Civilization and Culture

Discusses the importance and the effect of Islamic rule on Spain’s history, tradition, language, and culture. Topics include: the concept of Islam, the message of the Koran, Andalucía under Islamic rule, North African dynasties in Andalucía, the Nazari dynasty of Granada, cultural, literary, and artistic aspects of Islam, and Islamic architecture and symbols as exemplified by the Alhambra. Spanish civilization and contemporary society are examined through themes such as the relationships between professionals, labor and cultural sectors, the aging of the population, gypsies, bullfighting, holidays, gastronomy and flamenco. Audio-visuals, newspapers, magazines and texts are used. Includes an ‘essential’ Arabic class and several field trips in Granada to sites of historical and cultural relevance.