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Courses - January Term 2021

Choose one of the courses below. Classes are taught Monday through Friday for a total of 45 hours.

Art 327 (3) | Spanish Art and Cultural Heritage

This course gives an overview of the art history of Spain from prehistoric times to the present, dealing in more detail with the Baroque period, Modernism and 20th century art. Visits to museums keep the class as close to real artistic practice as possible. Attendance and oral participation are important: students are expected to contribute to class development with questions and commentaries, reading assignments and by visiting exhibitions in preparation. Interest in art and architecture is a prerequisite.

Business 307 (3) | International Business

This course provides an overview of the challenges facing businesses as they compete on the global playing field. Focus is on the economic foundations of international business and the main forces that shape business across countries: political, economic, cultural and legal. The last part of the course will analyze the internal aspects of a company oriented towards international business.