AIFS Abroad

AIFS Study Abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia
Summer 2021
Course Descriptions


All students must take a Russian language course and can choose elective courses for a further 3 credits.

Russian Language Course (Required)
Course Code and Credits: Russian 101 (4)
Course Title: Intensive Russian Language – Elementary Level
Course Description:
This is a first-year college level course in Russian grammar, conversation, phonetics and writing practice for beginners. 
Course Code and Credits: Russian 201 (4)
Course Title: Intensive Russian Language – Intermediate Level
Course Description:
This course covers grammar, composition, phonetics and techniques of written expression, with further development of vocabulary and pronunciation. 
Course Code and Credits: Russian 301 (4)
Course Title: Intensive Russian Language – Advanced Level
Course Description:
Structural exercises in grammar, correct use of categories of language (commercial, administrative, journalistic, familiar, colloquial, formal) are stressed with extensive written work. 

Elective Courses taught in English
Course Code and Credits: Art History 203 (1)
Course Title: History of Russian Art 
Course Description:
Art development is traced starting with the most famous icon painters through the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Many works discussed are seen locally in exhibits at the Russian Museum. Total of 15 hours, worth 1 credit. 
Course Code and Credits: History 221 (2)
Course Title: St. Petersburg’s Role in Russian History and Culture
Course Description:
Topics include St. Petersburg as the capital of the Russian Empire and home to major architectural and artistic monuments, the city as home to Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Brodsky and Shostakovitch. Students visit some of the city’s more unusual museums such as the State Public Library and Menshikov Palace. Total of 30 hours, worth 2 credits. 
Course Code and Credits: Political Science/Sociology 211 (2) 
Course Title: Contemporary Life in Russia 
Course Description:
Major elements of contemporary Russian life: politics, law, economics, government, healthcare, art and education. Topics include everyday life and issues, nationality questions, political trends, and international relations of Russia with the world. Content may be changed at the discretion of the university. Total of 30 hours, worth 2 credits.