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Full Time Internship | Berlin

Germany | Optional Credit Available | Spring 2023
Two students in Berlin.
A group of students holding a German flag in front of Humboldt University.

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  • Fall 2023

  • Spring 2023


Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, it’s also the largest city in the country and the most populous city in the European Union. It’s renowned for its exceptional range of landmarks, vibrant cultural scene, wide variety of markets, and superabundant green space. About one-third of the city’s area is composed of forests, parks, rivers, and canals.

For several centuries, Berlin has been at the heart of not only European politics and culture, but also world affairs. Once the city reunified after the the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, it became a place best known for its striking contrasts: from classic historical buildings to cutting edge modern architecture, from exquisite malls to traditional markets, and from classical opera to techno and house music. Berlin is a city full of optimism that epitomizes modern Germany in its forward thinking and inclusive nature without forgetting its historic past.

In recent years, Berlin’s economy and workforce has been booming. The city is a hub for the business, marketing, startup, technology, media, and logistics industries (and so much more!).

An internship in Berlin is the perfect way to gain practical professional skills and work experience while enjoying the captivating spirit of Germany.

What’s Included

The AIFS Abroad inclusive program fee includes all of the great features below in addition to many pre-departure, on-site, and upon-return services to help interns make the most of their time abroad.

Review Our Policies
  • Guaranteed Internship Placement

    Once accepted into program we guarantee an internship in one of your approved career fields

  • Global Career Readiness Program

    Connecting academic goals to professional experiences

  • Housing

    Student residence

  • Excursions

    Day trip to Quedlinburg

  • Cultural & Social Activities

    A wide range of AIFS-organized cultural activities and social events to enrich your experience.

  • On-Site Location Coordinator

    to help with any questions or advice you may need throughout the program

  • Green Initiative

  • Health & Safety

    24/7 emergency support and comprehensive insurance
  • Personal/Professional Development

    Access to the renowned Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and alumni network

Additional Options & Opportunities

  • Flight Package

    Round-trip flights from 25 U.S. gateways

    Airport transfers to and from accommodation

  • Credit

    Credit can be obtained through our School of Record, Fairfield University

    Earn up to 12 credits during the summer or semester

    Some universities require credit to be earned, and we cannot change a university’s requirement

Program Details: Full Time Internship | Berlin Multiple Career Fields

Program is closed


January 19, 2023April 15, 2023



Application Deadline

November 2, 2022

Inclusive Fees



Open to

Minimum of GPA

Additional requirements may vary by course selection. See Academic section below.

Visa Requirements

A visa may be required for this program. Please contact your advisor or log into your portal for more information.

Global Themes

  • Arts, Culture & Creative Industries
  • Business, Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Language, History & Culture
Learn More About Global Themes

Internship opportunities

AIFS Abroad offers a unique global educational experience for interns on this program, with the following academic options available:

The Global Experiences Enrollment Team reviews application materials, which are a combination of relevant work experience, college or university level course work, and an assessment of maturity and readiness for working in a professional setting. After an intern has been accepted, we guarantee an internship placement. 

Our team works with interns 1:1 to gain a better understanding of the skills you will bring to your team, talents you want to grow, and expectations you have of your experience. By working individually with each intern, we can assess academic knowledge, career goals, language proficiency, and overall expectations for your time in Berlin, in order to place you in a dynamic work environment.

Once a match is found, all interns will interview by phone or Zoom with their manager before the placement is offered and confirmed. When you arrive in Berlin, Location Coordinators will be there to help you start your internship and support you with on-site check-ins and coaching to make the most of your internship placement. 

Global Experiences has 20+ years of history matching talented interns with top tier international companies. Our placement team is dedicated to finding the right employers for our interns in a variety of career fields. Below are some of our top fields for Berlin, but are not limited to these:

  • Advertising/Marketing/PR
  • Architecture
  • Art/Gallery
  • Business
  • Event Planning
  • Fashion Business
  • Fashion Design
  • Film & Theater 
  • Graphic Design
  • Hospitality
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Sports
  • Video Production

Global Experiences provides an award-winning Global Career Readiness Program which combines assessments, career coaching, and experiential learning to connect interns’ academic knowledge with their professional ambitions. The Strengths-based approach focuses on interns meeting their potential and thriving in their future careers. 

Core Components Include

  • CliftonStrengthsFinder® Assessment
  • On-on-One Career Strengths Coaching
  • Goal Setting and Career Planning
  • Interview preparation
  • On-Site Career Seminars and Networking Events
  • Leadership Training and Recruitment Opportunities
  • Summer, up to 12 Credits
  • Semester, up to 12 Credits

Adding credit can allow interns to access existing financial aid options and gain credit towards graduation for many majors. This is suitable for interns who attend a university that does not offer credit for internships. Some universities will require credit, and we cannot change university requirements. For more information please discuss your situation with your program consultant at time of application.

Credit will be obtained through our School of Record, Fairfield University. 

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A group of students in Berlin.

Living Abroad

AIFS Abroad provides excellent accommodations, activities, resources, and staff to help interns learn about and integrate into their host community.


You will live independently in a shared apartment with two or three other AIFS students. The apartment includes:

  • Shared kitchen and bathroom
  • Single bedrooms
  • Laundry room
  • Centrally located and near subway station for a short commute to the campus
  • Grocery stores, pharmacies and other conveniences nearby

Internet access is included in all AIFS housing in Berlin.


Public transportation makes it easy to get around Berlin, as it is well integrated, cheap, and efficient to use. Your daily commute will most likely be via the metro (U-Bahn), local train (S-Bahn), bus, and/or on foot, so make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes.


Berlin has been at the heart not just of European politics and culture, but also world affairs for several centuries. As a city reunified in 1990, it combines a tremendous variety of experiences, from fine historical museum, to cutting edge modernism, to a vibrant club culture and sprawling parks.

Nele Thomsen headshot.

Nele Thomsen

Nele is the Berlin Resident Director at AIFS Abroad. Born and raised in Germany, she became very fond of reading, cooking, and traveling. Nele studied abroad in England and also worked as an Au-Pair in Barcelona!

While working as a tour guide, she co-published guidebooks for the neighboring city of Berlin, Potsdam, and makes it a point to take students and interns there for day trips. Nele’s passion for the rich history and culture of Germany ensures that each participant will experience the authentic way of life in the capital city!

In addition to day trips and excursions, a cultural calendar of weekly activities and social events is included in your program fee. These activities will include both typical tourist sites and attractions as well as lesser known visits which take advantage of the expert knowledge of our local AIFS Abroad staff and give you a more authentic and insightful view of life in Germany. Typical activities, tours, and visits include:

  • Potsdam Day Trip including visits to UNESCO World Heritage site of Park Sanssouci
  • Walking Tour
  • Dresden Day Trip
  • Quedlinburg Day Trip
  • Visits to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Museum Island in Berlin
  • Group Dinner
  • Visit to Memorial of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

You may be asked to pay a small supplementary fee for some events.


This program offers a range of day trips and excursions that will take you outside Berlin and deepen your social, historical, and cultural understanding of Germany. Previous excursions have included:

Potsdam, Germany


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Potsdam has authentic charm, rich history, and is a cultural gem. Wander through fairytale-like gardens, Roman Baths, rose gardens, and grand palaces.
  • Potsdam
  • Day Trip
  • Included in Program Fee
A castle in Quedlinburg, Germany.


Just north of the Harz mountains sits a town that was once a prosperous trading center in the early Middle Ages. Quedlinburg is a rare combination of ancient, medieval, and modern historical and artistic treasures that certainly makes it a ‘must-see’!
  • Quedlinburg
  • Day Trip
  • Included in Program Fee
A group of happy students at a carnival.
A view of Prague.

Social identity & access

One of the best things you can do before departure is enter into the journey knowing that your time abroad will be unique to this experience. The resources, community, and support available to you when abroad will likely be different as well. In order to help you prepare for your experience, we have compiled many resources about social identity and access in specific locations abroad. Your program staff will also provide you with more details pre-departure and during orientation.

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Important Dates & Deadlines

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Program is closed

Dates & Deadlines


  • Early Application Deadline*
    September 15, 2022
  • Application Deadline**
    November 2, 2022
  • Scholarship Deadline
    October 2, 2022
  • Optional Departure Flight from US***
    January 18, 2023
  • Program Begins
    January 19, 2023
  • Program Ends
    April 15, 2023
  • Optional Return Flight to US***
    April 15, 2023
  • * We encourage applicants to apply by this date for a better chance of acceptance into their preferred career fields.
  • ** Deposits are due within 10 days of acceptance.
  • *** Included for students on AIFS flight package.

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