Student Journals: AIFS in Salamanca, Spain

David McKenna
Rensselaer Polytech Institute
University of Salamanca, Spain

David McKennaMy name is Dave. Encantado? Igualmente.

I’ve now been in Salamanca five weeks.  I’m getting into the routine of classes and meals, which have a habit of starting ten minutes after whatever I’ve been told.  Spain is famous for its cuisine, its nightlife, and its storied history…never for matters efficient and punctual.

In only five weeks I’ve done so much.  I met some local runners and now we’re training together regularly.  I swam in the Atlantic in Nazareth on the Portuguese coast last weekend.  And in another week, I’ll be swimming in the Mediterranean in Barcelona. I started several intercambios and hope to start several more soon.  Classes are going well and I’ve gotten the hang of the Spanish nightlife.  Everything is adventure and opportunity.

Better yet, everything is novelty.  The señora I live with warned me last week, under a darkening sky, that we were in for a tormenta impressionante.  I began imagining violent rain and winds, the booming and flashing of lighting, and all the key ingredients of summer storms in New England.  Then, it drizzled for an hour.  A good New England drizzle.

That’s to say, people here have a different outlook.  When they say storm, when they plan to meet at 10 pm, when they talk about politics or movies or coffee, it’s never what I expect.  They are drawing from experiences a hemisphere away from mine.  It is a chance to step outside everything I knew to be right.  Its novel and I’m enjoying it.

University of Salamanca

Salamanca Business Program