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Intern Abroad in Rome: Courses

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The program consists of Italian language study (3 or 6 credits), internship seminars and 150-270 hours of unpaid internship (3 or 6 credits) plus one or two 3-credit additional courses among those offered in the semester and related to the internship field.

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Students must register for all classes online at:

Registration week is: June 8-12, 2020 (fall semester) | November 2-6, 2020 (spring semester)

International Internships are available in the following areas:

ADM 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Art, Design & Media
AVC 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Art History
COM 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Communications
ECN 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Economics
EDU 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Education
FLM 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Film Studies
FNN 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Finance
HST 6862/6861 (6)/(3) History (including food and Mediterranean studies)
INB 6862/6861 (6)/(3) International Business (including sport management)
INR 6862/6861 (6)/(3) International Relations
MGT 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Management
MKT 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Marketing
PLT 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Political Science
SCL 6862/6861 (6)/(3) Social Science

See additional courses on the standard Rome program course page.

Placement Opportunities


Management, Marketing, Promotion, Education, Tourism
Museums of Rome, Castel S. Angelo
Museo del Risorgimento
Museo dei Mercati di Traiano
Museo GNAM – National Gallery of Modern Art
Museo Nazionale di Etrusco
Museo Etnografico Pigorini
Palazzo Spada
Anglo American Bookstore


Marketing, Merchandising, International Business, Finance, Fashion
Altroquando bookstore and cultural center
Fusolab Creative Lab
Inprendo Financial Advisory & Management Consulting
Coldwell Smart Properties
Bird & Bird International Law Firm
Alo and Partners International Market Strategy
LUISS Business School
Agenzia Salaria Business Services


Journalism, Photojournalism, Marketing, PR, Fundraising
Accademia di S. Cecilia
Officine Fotografiche
Lozzi Publishing
Ristorante La Campana
Fusolab Creative Lab
Domus Talenti Events
Taodue Film


Primary and Secondary School, Day care Centers, Music, Publishing
Istituto Manin
Istituto Pistelli
Istituto Santa Dorotea
St. Louis School of Music
Lozzi Publishing
LUISS University


History, Politics, International Relations, Immigration, Social Science
Embassy of Malta
Embassy of Colombia
Joel Nafuma Refugee Center
Comunità S. Egidio
SOS Telefono Azzurro Onlus
Sport Senza Frontiere Onlus

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS Italy programs!

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS Italy, Rome programs!