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Internship Program

International Internship 6972 (3) | International Internship

The internship course offers students an intensive academic experience and the opportunity to study working life in Rome. In addition to the internship placement, students are required to attend specifically designed classroom-based seminars, submit a weekly journal recording duties and learning, as well as an analysis of specified aspects of the work experience and complete a final research paper describing and analyzing the workplace, the industry and goals achieved. Students will be required to make a presentation on their internship. Three units of credit will be awarded for the placement and accompanying classroom-based academic study. Internships are unpaid and supervised and monitored by the workplace supervisor and the Richmond faculty member.

Assessment is based on all the above criteria. Grades of A to F with pluses and minuses in accordance with the University grading policy are assigned and recorded on your Richmond transcript.

Seminars and interviews are conducted to prepare students to:

  • analyze skills, interests and abilities
  • establish appropriate objectives
  • interview in a professional setting
  • respond appropriately to situations in the workplace
  • develop communication skills
  • work in an international environment
  • focus on career options

ARH 308/AVC 5840 (3) | Art and Culture in Rome: 800AD-2000

This course examines the history and society of Rome and its architectural and artistic expression as it developed over a period of 3,000 years. Students study key examples of architecture, monuments and art from Classical Rome through to the Renaissance and Baroque, and the modern period. Much of the course is taught on site with visits to churches, palaces and museums.