AIFS Abroad

Study + Intern Abroad in Rome, Italy
Summer 2022
Course Descriptions



The Study + Internship Program consists of a 3-credit course on the Traditional Academic Program chosen from those listed for Session 1 plus a 3-credit internship course and accompanying 7-week internship placement for a total of 6 semester credits.

Internship Course
Course Code and Credits: GE 298 (3)
Course Title: International Internship
Course Description:

This 3 credit course is delivered alongside the internship placement and enables students to develop their own professional abilities, draw on their StrengthsFinder attributes to navigate their assigned duties, and cultivate an understanding of the business norms of the host culture. Interns may be tasked with a variety of projects, events or presentations. Students will utilize Gallup coaching, mentoring, and reflective exercises to develop their professional skills and industry knowledge. This will be an applied learning experience. Internships will require students to continually assess and interpret different work styles, industry methods and cultural approaches to their chosen profession. Students will gain self-awareness of their own Strengths, have developed intercultural understanding of foreign work culture, gained professional work experience, and completed career communication essentials such as an online LinkedIn profile, interview skills, and networking training.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify and apply their own strengths to work better individually and as a team
  • Gain meaningful professional work experience in a multicultural setting
  • Develop and use written, spoken and body language skills effectively across cultures
  • Reflect and evaluate their personal and professional growth during your internship