Study Abroad in Rome, Italy

Study Abroad in Rome: Living Abroad

Housing and Meals

Choose one of the housing options below:


  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Shared bathroom(s) and living area
  • Share with 2-7 other AIFS students


  • Double room with another AIFS student

Meals (Both Options)

  • Meal plan valued at $1,300

Internet access is included in all AIFS housing in Rome

Housing Options


Apartments are located in different areas of the city center, in buildings where other Italians live. By living in an Italian residence, and not in a dorm, you will be immersed in the Italian way of life and establish relationships with other Italian natives in the building. Each apartment is privately owned and is unique in atmosphere, size, design, facilities, floor plan, and number of bedrooms. A typical apartment will be shared with 2 to 7 other AIFS-Richmond students. Apartments are fully equipped with: Internet, kitchen supplies, furnishings, blankets, two sets of sheets per student, washing machine.

All apartments are located within a 30- to 45-minute travel time (by metro, bus and/or foot) to the Study Center.

The cost of utilities is not included in the program fee and you will be asked to pay a deposit of 300 euros directly to your landlord upon arrival in Rome. Please note this fee will cover the cost of utilities, Internet and cleaning services per person, per semester.


As a guest within an Italian family you will have a key to the apartment and can come and go as you wish. In respect of the other family members there is privacy for study and yet there is also contact with the Italian hosts. A large number of Italian apartments are occupied by a single person, so you are likely to be housed with a single woman or professional couple. Living with an Italian family gives you invaluable cultural insight and fast progress with the Italian language. The cost of utilities is included in the program fee for the homestay option. The program fee is based on a double room shared with another AIFS student. Internet access is included.

Students are required to fill in the housing form available online at to specify accommodation requests.


The meal plan is one of the highlights of the Rome program, with almost 100% of students rating it “excellent” or “good” every semester. Valued at approximately $1,300, as well as being incredible value for money, it gives you a unique opportunity to become part of the Italian culinary culture, dining alongside locals in selected restaurants and trattorias or shopping in neighborhood grocery stores. In addition to occasional group meals and tastings, you will receive meal vouchers to subsidize breakfast and lunch or dinner Monday through Friday (except during trips). These can be used in selected restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores all over Italy, giving you the flexibility to eat out or pool resources and cook in your apartment with your fellow students. Students may opt out of the meal allowance and pay a reduced program fee of $14,695.


Students should budget approximately 40 euros for a monthly pass for unlimited travel on the Rome bus and underground system. Rome has an extensive public bus and train system that students can use to travel between their housing and classes. It is easy to walk to destinations in the center of town.

Cultural Activities

We believe in experiential learning, and we know that education does not begin or end in the classroom. To help you get a true taste of Italian culture, a wealth of cultural activities and excursions are included in your program fee.

Richmond staff organize an excellent program of cultural and social activities and advise students on how to get the most from life in Rome. Past activities have included:

In Rome

  • Home-made pasta classes, pizza tasting and wine tastings
  • Visit to the Vatican Museums
  • Visit to the Colosseum
  • Segway tours
  • Get together for dinner with Italian students
  • Gelato tasting
  • Pizza tasting
  • Urban trekking
  • Art tours
  • “Angels & Demons” tour
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts (jazz, rock, blues)
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Day trips around Rome (including hiking and lunches)
  • “Underground” Rome
  • Opera/Ballets/Musicals
  • Handicraft market
  • A.S. Roma soccer matches
  • Six Nations rugby tournament matches
  • Sewing classes
  • Group dinners
  • Visit to the zoo
  • Half-day excursions to
    • Villa d’Este, Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli
    • Subiaco
    • Ostia Antica
    • Viterbo and the Hot Baths
    • Bracciano Lake and Castle
  • Farewell dinner

In addition, a conversation exchange program with Italian students is available for interested students.

Please note that students may pay a small additional fee for some of the activities above.

2-Week Orientation

Language study and orientation are essential to a safe and successful experience in a foreign country. Students take Intensive Italian language classes (2 credits) from beginners to upper intermediate levels in the morning and participate in a comprehensive orientation program in the afternoons. 

The AIFS Richmond staff supervises the orientation and organizes a wide variety of cultural and social activities including ice-breakers, lectures on health and safety issues, Italian culture and visits to some of the most famous museums, churches and palaces in and around Rome. Highlights are trips to Viterbo and the Hot Baths, Ostia Antica, Sperlonga, and to Assisi and Trevi to enjoy its medieval atmosphere and to experience wine tasting.

Volunteering Program

This program enables students to get to know many aspects of the society and community they are living in and to receive practical, hands-on training and work experience in one of a range of volunteer work associations. Whether students help to teach English in a local school or mail flyers for a local association, they will experience the real world through hands-on work and use this experience to explore major or career interests. Volunteering in Rome offers a unique opportunity to meet and communicate with Italians, to practice the language and to see another side of local culture.

Service Learning and Active Citizenship

Students wishing to earn academic credit for their volunteer work can take the Service Learning and Active Citizenship course, a 3-credit course combining a community placement with written work, designed to provide students of all majors with the intellectual, professional and personal skills that will enable them to function well in the community and gain valuable life experience. The Service Learning course is based on the principles of civic engagement, ethical social responsibility and social justice. The assessment is based on reflective learning, social analysis and public problem solving.

AIFS in Rome Resident Director, Academic Year and Semester Programs

AIFS Resident Director

Rosanna Graziani
Dean of Richmond, Rome

Phone: (39) 06 6813 6104

Ciao! I have been with AIFS since 1995; first in Florence, and then in Rome. I received my Laurea (MA Hons) in Humanities from the University of Florence and a post degree diploma in Museum Studies from the University of Perugia. I studied abroad as a student, spending time in France, Spain and the U.K. I love yoga and traveling and I have visited many countries including the U.S.

Each semester is a new adventure and what I love the most is to experience Rome through new eyes and to hear about your stories and discoveries in our beautiful country. Together with my colleagues I look forward to advising and supporting you throughout one of the most empowering experiences of your life.

AIFS Campus Staff with First Aid Training

Because health and safety are top priorities at AIFS, at least one member of the staff at this campus has taken a first aid course in order to be available to help any student until a doctor or nurse can provide help. This is just one of many services that we provide to our students.