Study Abroad in Maynooth, Ireland

Living Abroad - January Term 2019

AIFS in Maynooth Resident Director, January Term Program

AIFS Resident Director

Clíodhna Dunne

Phone: (353) 85 236 7272

Hi, my name is Cliodhna and I’ll be looking after you in Maynooth. I have lived close to Maynooth for my whole life. I recently graduated from Maynooth with a degree in History and Accounting. I love to travel and have been to most of Europe and America twice. I would love to explore America more when I get a chance. I have been working with study abroad groups in both Maynooth and Dublin for close to a year now. I will be helping you to settle into University here and will show you a lot of Ireland and Irish culture. I can't wait to meet you and welcome you to my home university and to Dublin!

The Resident Director provides academic advice, introduces you to the community and handles communication with the University.

AIFS Campus Staff with First Aid Training

Because health and safety are top priorities at AIFS, at least one member of the staff at this campus has taken a first aid course in order to be available to help any student until a doctor or nurse can provide help. This is just one of many services that we provide to our students.

Housing and Meals

You will stay in dorm-style accommodation on campus and receive breakfast every day. A meal allowance is provided to subsidize the cost of lunch on campus.

Cultural Activities

Learning does not begin or end in the classroom. To help you get a true taste of Irish culture, various activities will be organized such as:

  • A guided walking tour of Maynooth
  • Traditional Irish music night
  • A sporting event or a theater performance