Study Abroad in Hyderabad, India

Academics - January Term 2020

University of Hyderabad

The University of Hyderabad established the Study in India Program (SIP) in 1998, an interdisciplinary program of courses designed especially for international students which emphasizes heritage, continuity and change in India.

This program is coordinated and taught by faculty and guest faculty of the University of Hyderabad and is taught in English. Faculty at the Study in India program are appointed by the University both from its own faculty and from cooperating institutions and are supervised by the Director of the Study in India Program.

Academic Overview

Academic administration is carried out by the Resident Director in coordination with the AIFS office and the Director of the Study in India Program.

Admissions Requirements Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a minimum 2.75 GPA (lower GPAs will be considered on a case by case basis.)

Assessment and Grading The University of Hyderabad uses a 7-point grade scale. Instructors will use a combination of assignments, quizzes, presentations, and exams in order to assess grades.

Attendance is required to receive full credit. Students exceeding the permitted number of unexcused absences may lose all or partial credit.

Credit Hours Each credit requires a minimum of 15 classroom hours plus home study. The course on this program is a 3-credit course for a total of 45 hours.

Grades No AIFS participant is permitted to take a course without receiving a grade. Pass/fail grade options are not available.

Transcripts are issued by the University of Hyderabad. On completion of the program an official copy of the transcript will be sent to your home institution.

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