Study Abroad in Budapest, Hungary

Living Abroad

AIFS in Budapest Resident Director, Summer Program

AIFS Resident Director

Dr. Deniz Bingol Hall

Phone: (36) 70 553 0717

Welcome to Budapest! Originally a native of Istanbul, my graduate studies in Political Science took me to this beautiful and unique city where I made a home and life long friends.

Budapest, Hungary is at the heart of Europe, with one foot in its glorious Austro- Hungarian past and another foot firmly placed into the future. The city has undergone many changes since I arrived, but its Hungarian residents, young and old, are committed to preserving its unique and colorful historical character.

Here in Budapest and Hungary, you will hear great music, marvel at one of the most pristine urban architectures in Europe yet with an authentic Hungarian character; get to experience its culinary delicacies and its wine culture as an enduring symbol of fine living since the Roman times and study at the home of Hungary's Nobel laureates in sciences and literature. You will gain competence in a unique European language and get to practice it daily with Hungarian friends on walking trips throughout the city's beautiful boulevards and its many historical neighborhoods, sailing along the Danube Bend and visiting the other cultural and natural treasures throughout Hungary. I look forward to welcoming you to Budapest!

The Resident Director provides academic advice, introduces you to the community and handles communication with the University.

AIFS Campus Staff with First Aid Training

Because health and safety are top priorities at AIFS, at least one member of the staff at this campus has taken a first aid course in order to be available to help any student until a doctor or nurse can provide help. This is just one of many services that we provide to our students.

Housing and Meals


  • Residence Halls
    You will stay in double or triple room in a residence hall in the city center, close to the University. Bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared and there is a communal café and lounge area. Internet access is included.


  • Students will receive an allowance to subsidize the cost of purchasing meals and groceries. Please note that the allowance is a subsidy and will not cover the cost of all meals.


It is less than a 10 minute walk from the housing to all classrooms, libraries, shops and public transport links.

Cultural Activities

Learning does not begin or end in the classroom. To help you get a true taste of Hungarian culture, a wide range of cultural activities and excursions are included in your program fee. The Resident Director organizes a variety of activities, which usually include:

  • Welcome meal
  • Historical walking tour
  • Culinary tour
  • Boat trip
  • Museum visits to the Terrorhaza, Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Visit to the famed Budapest thermal baths
  • Biking tours in and outside of Budapest
  • Hiking and camping in the countryside
  • Wine tasting
  • Cooking classes

Please note that students may need to pay a small additional fee for some of the activities above.